Remembering on the Rock at Patmos

Blog entry September 20, 2013
In Patmos Greece

I have been in Athens, Delphi, Meteora, and Patmos. I am almost at the end of the Greek portion of my trip. I have been wanting to write, but when I have tried to come to some clarity of what I want to say, it hasn’t quite been there. Until now.

I came on this trip with an intent to resonate deeply with Gaia’s presence, and hold with her an intent of joyful rejuvenation and reconnection with her cosmic tribe. I see however how I so easily forget what my intention is, even when I am with like minded souls.

It has been said to me by one beautiful soul on this trip that we can think we know what we are doing, but we are engaged in a complexity that is so beyond comprehension that it is best to just trust and give it up to the divine. I see the truth and wisdom in this, and yet I also find so much joy when I can engage consciously, to the extent that I can, with what is actually happening. My experience is that conscious engagement magnifies the power of what is occurring.

When I am willing to receive a spark of consciousness, be it another person or the acknowledged conscious spark in any part of all that is, it is like I am being fed. I really can receive it like I am being fed a sensuous vibration, like a complex meal. Every person is their own flavor, layered and complex. Each element in nature has their own quality of vibration, like a unique aroma. If I willingly partake of the impressions that are being exuded all around me, then a process of digestion occurs where the chemical exchange in my body and field creates a flow of response. Active molecules are exchanging impressions.

Because we live in a conscious, sensitive field, when I participate in this way, the vibrations in the field are amplified. My conscious reception of what is outside my immediate body speaks “hello” to that which I am receiving. That hello is received and a circuit of recognition is established, where energy can reverberate and amplify with the infusion of joy. In that conscious connection intent is carried into the aliveness all around us.

So as I sit on the rock called Petra, jutting out into the crystalline sea in one of the bays around Patmos, and I watch the moon rise full and radiant, I receive my own piece of Gaia, my body, receiving all the impressions of beauty surrounding me. I resonate and reverberate with the soft breeze, the salt air, and even the partying on the yacht in the water. And if I find myself involved with a mental review of some aspect from the past or future, then I give myself mercy.


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