The flying Ray: Initiatory Thoughts on my traveling to Greece

I am on my way to Athens, Greece, currently flying over South Dakota. I have intuited over the past month that this trip I am embarking on has much more implication than merely a fun tour. There have been many signs and synchronicities that have strongly pointed to that fact.

I have felt myself to be going through an initiation that is carrying me into this trip. My recent work with Marguerite Rigoglioso, who has written two books on the feminine mysteries of Ancient Greece, and my subsequent introduction to Adam Apollo (Apollo, no less!) and his perspectives have greatly expanded what I previously thought possible. My contact with the wedeme, an African name for the nature spirits and elementals, through my wonderful friend and diviner Purple Hazel Green, has helped me connect more deeply with the spirits who are supporting me to take this path in reverence. My own deepening study into embodied sacred geometry has also been giving me context for this journey. Even my dark education into the hanky panky of the old guard powers that are dissolving is serving my currently understood purpose. As I have been known to say, nothing is wasted. Not even my years as a temp office worker.

So what might this purpose be? One element I see has to do with helping rewrite the old story of masculine dominance of the feminine archetype that has been holding sway for millennia. This story took hold in the Grecian landscape and culture. The story of the rape and kidnapping into the underworld of Persephone and the devastating grief of Demeter is being played out still in the ways the heavily imbalanced negative male archetype is dominating our world. We really need to write a new story here. I will honor the goddesses for making the best of a bad situation, but I no longer agree to initiation by violence!

It is so clear that the universe responds with delight to genuine open interest. (“Genuine open interest” is how I define love in a non-sentimental way.) Rewriting the Persephone story where we protect her purity and let there be a natural flowering from maidenhood into a responsible adult is what we now must claim for our dear planet.

I have the image of dear Gaia as an adolescent all caught up in her internal dramas, which our collective consciousness has been drastically playing out, like punks out drag racing without any acknowledgement of their mortality. (Was Greece really Grease?)

The planetary and collective consciousness is in an initiation. It’s Gaia’s Bat Mitzvah! The purpose of the initiatory rites for the young adult is to give the initiate an experience of their newly emerging power and channel it for the higher good of the greater community. The initiate, in addition to experiencing their new role in service, is also given a gift of opening to the mysteries.

If the young adult does not get to experience an initiation, then what can happen is that his/her newly emerging power becomes subverted, for the male into need for displays of power, and in the female into power plays of seduction. Thus the dominance of competitive models in our culture of adolescents who think they are adults but have never grown up.

I feel we, and Gaia, are currently in this process of initiation. The awakening is that this process can be done in a context of BEAUTY, a truth that the more enlightened cultures know. Humanity is awakening to the need to serve the health of the whole, and the possibility of receiving gifts of magical mystery awakenings is more available than ever. The old initiations of making ones way through terror are no longer necessary, even though the intensity of the experience may well bring up all our fears. (For some of my thoughts about how to work with fear see the entry on my website titled “All Fear Is Fear of Intensity”.)

The planetary collective initiation is for all of us separate, self-involved drama queens to see that we are embedded in a relationship with a cosmos that is welcoming us into right relationship with the greater cosmic community. We are an integral and crucial part of the planetary logos, and to participate in Gaia’s ritual is right relationship.

As for my personal initiation, I see that I have played small, wanting my space to myself. Yes, I have been available to many in my circle, and my circle is bigger than it once was. To many people it may seem that I have done well being of service to my community. But the vision of just how linked we truly are and just how far and deep that goes begs the question of just how big am I willing to be? It is my fears that have kept me small, and my belief in an inevitable lack of power. I have been on an initiatory path long enough now to know that that is a trance, and that the Truth is that we are living in a resonant vibratory field of which I am an integral part. If I wish to resonate at a larger level, I can open to higher harmonics and take responsibility for that intent. That is where my understanding of sacred geometries comes in handy. It is an act of beauty.

So I am going to Greece to stand in the cosmic umbilicus at Delphi and resonate with this beautiful world. And for the group that I will be in company with, may we all find our harmonic resonance and intend the best for all.

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