Invitation to the Circle

Most of us know the term “Sacred Geometry” and have seen the symbols, but how do we actually relate to them in a way that we feel their power having influence in our lives?

We know we are at a Point in time where every aspect of life needs the power of realignment with the Sacred. All the old structures are crumbling, and to have a true understanding of what Sacred is, what Geometry is, and what Embodying these principles can do, will help enormously.

These teachings are not trivial, especially when shared in the communal circle.

The study of Embodied Sacred Geometry is a platform for engaging in the sacred moment. The most important activations that this may provide are

  • More focused presence. The Point is presence.
  • Activating perception to see the dynamics of interaction.
  • Allowing preconceptions and pre-configurations to dissolve or soften in the realm of more clarity.
  • Understanding geometries as supports for balanced interaction with life.
  • Activation of communal sacred space through the field of respect supported by the sacred geometric principles.
  • Expansion of consciousness through dimensions by directly seeing principles of sacred geometry in action.
  • Direct knowledge of the laws of creation.

In the ESG Circles there are transmissions of information, meditations, interactions, guided experiments, and time for sharing insights gained. Group exploration amplifies the field of insight.

It is my intention to inspire a truly sacred space, motivated by love, where we are activated to our core with the Sacred imprint of life. Your participation is essential for the power of our pulse to resonate into our lives and out into the world.

I humbly invite you to the circle.

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