Invocation of the Sacred Intent at the Altar

Before I was able to commit to leading and teaching Embodied Sacred Geometry, I personally had to confront a bit of a demon that I carried. I saw that I had a streak of perfectionism that I had not been able to soften enough to relax. On the positive side, this meant that I was holding a standard to which I am quite devoted, that of truly honoring the desire for engaging with truth and beauty, i.e. the sacred. On the negative, more slippery side, my fright of not being able to meet my own standard held me back, and when not seen clearly was even projected on others.

I attended an event where I projected this shadow starkly on the presenter, shocking me into some deep self-reflection. I realized that I had never defined a condition that would address this shadow consciously, bringing a light to it that would enable me to move forward. It was in this contemplation that I wrote the following.

Invocation of the Sacred Intent at the Altar

We come to the altar with an intent of sacred engagement in love and consciousness.

We recognize that we hold many layers of twists and preconceptions, conscious and unconscious, that may be distortions of this love. We acknowledge that we approach this altar impure, with baggage, with sub- and unconscious assumptions, humbly stumbling our way into this sacred work.

Our intent is to be realigned in love that encourages health and spiritual evolution for all.

My prayer is that I stand in both humility and inspired alignment that I can courageously tend and guide a sacred work. My fear of standing in arrogance will be mitigated by acknowledging that I hold this fear. I know that I am continually investigating, and I will forever be a student. I lay this fear on the altar, that it may facilitate conscious, loving relationship. My fear of falling short I also lay on the altar. All my fears I lay on the altar: for compassion, for humor, for truth and beauty. 

My prayer is that I am conscious enough, and more-so, to deliver inspiration through my devotion to the sacred engagement and sacred knowledge in myself.

In coming together, we investigate what works and aligns us. Together we verify, clarify and utilize what supports our intentions of alignment with the sacred.

We are all both expert and student, and each exploring individual sacred paths. On these paths some of us investigate subject matter that may prove helpful for others, if shared. It is in service that I/we share. The Circle is a tool for verifying, clarifying and amplifying the information presented by getting reflection and resonating with the participation of others. 

It is with gratitude and respect that I share my insights, and I am grateful to the sacred engagement for us all.



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