What does “Embodied” mean?

We know that clearly defining the terms we use is of benefit for two reasons: (1) so that we can perceive how each of us understands what is said and find harmonic agreement, and (2) so that miscommunications are preempted as much as possible by elucidating our assumptions. Our first ESG Circle focused on the word “Sacred” in the title above the door. There is another word in the title I’ve given to this exploration that would benefit from some focused defining. What is meant by the word “Embodied”?

I have had a long-time devotion to learning through direct experience, letting information I have gathered or discovered be confirmed through my own growing understanding. Accumulation of knowledge can create clutter in my field if it is not integrated into the deeper knowing of my being. I have long known that information without embodied assimilation is just platitudes.

My practice of embodying the sacred geometries consists of considering the elements of shape, number, angle, arc, etc. in relation to my actual experience. This experience is in the present moment, and can be physical, emotional or psychical. It is a felt sense, even in the more mental realm. Consciousness has relational shape, that can be experienced as a geometry. The geometries are principles of space and time, and are thus able to be experienced directly.

When this fundamental knowledge is activated in us, i.e. embodied, we are able to see more clearly when we are out of alignment, internally and externally, and have tools and reminders about how to make our way back into alignment. Embodiment gives us a strong resonance of what it feels like to be in alignment, balanced and clear. Embodiment facilitates more compassion and love for how we inevitably fall off center. Embodied sacred geometry supports these fundamentals of being.

As I go deeper into contemplating the geometries through direct experience, I find that experiencing my body and consciousness through these geometric principles helps me stabilize, orient, and act in harmony with reality. What I am calling “reality” extends beyond our usual 3D world. These geometries, through their embedded qualities and dynamic interaction, promote finding that larger perspective. This quality also helps one know one’s own center, and be able to make decisions with respect for all concerned.

Through embodiment, we are “re-specked” into the whOle Point. We once again know ourselves as centers of Source, absorbing, creating and emanating the light and love that we are.


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