Divining before the journey, and early impressions

I have a dear friend who is trained (“merged” is the word used) in the way of the African Dagara tribe to divine for others counsel from the unseen realm. I remembered that this was available to me just a couple days before leaving and scheduled a reading. What could be more appropriate before a trip to Africa?

The counsel I received reminded me of the power of this land, and the depth of spirit here. Since arriving I have repeatedly felt the pulse of the African heartland, especially when I see the rich red soil. I recalled during the reading a hypnotic regression session I had years ago, delving into past lives, where I saw my feet on red soil, realizing that these were the feet of a tall black man standing on a rise over a savannah. I was clearly a traditional African tribal leader, but exactly from where I don’t know. The diviner transmitted that coming back here could open memories, and that the spirit of the land will remember me as well.

This diviner also saw that the journey will be multivalent, working on more mundane, yet no less profound levels. Supporting my mother to be safe and comfortable while here is an essential part of this trip, as well as simply moving through the ups and downs, bumps and hurdles, and golden experiences that travel inevitably provides. These levels are as important as being present to the heart connection to the land and the people.

Spirit reminded me that it is appropriate to invoke protection, especially as we wander into lands that are currently experiencing much disturbance geo-politically. And since I am energetically influenced by the news, it is important to keep my field as clear as I can. It was also pointed out that I can be overly friendly somewhat habitually, and while I should keep my heart open, I should also keep my eyes open.

Upon arriving in Tanzania on August 19, I wrote the following.

We took a small jet flight from Nairobi to Kilimanjaro airport this morning, almost missing the flight because of my error of getting the flight time wrong yesterday. On the flight, which wasn’t very high, we passed by Mt. Kilimanjaro, looming enormous above the cloud cover. Highly impressive, made more so by our relative parallel altitude, and also because I was seated next to a stranger instead of my mother, allowing me to be in my own energy instead of tending to hers. It impacted me physically and emotionally, perhaps not just because of the actual presence of the mountain, but also because of the release and relief of having gotten on the flight after the stress of rushing and potential mishap. Tears and heat, and I remembered hearing during the divination that the mountain wants my tears. They are not hard to come by.

As we were landing, I turned to the woman seated next to me and asked her if she had been here before. She teaches in the area, and somehow it came up that Kilimanjaro is not the only mountain here. The airport is about equidistant between Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru. Mt. Meru!!! What mountain could be more sacred for connecting with to begin my journey here?

Our room (gorgeous, really spectacular) looks directly at this mountain. The lodge is a coffee plantation, one of the first developments in the area. I went out into the fields this afternoon with some tobacco, ash, a little crystal and my bell, and sat and stood while eating the environment, the wind, the clouds, the trees, the crickets, and the mountain.

I am a jumble of feelings, running sweaty and then somewhat dry and quiet, especially around the group that I am with. We joined with three other women today, one of whom is clearly alpha female, but deservedly so. In Nairobi I was self-confronted, stimulated by counsel that I am very open and perhaps a bit vulnerable because of my social habits. I saw quite distinctly an element of over eagerness in my friendliness, that could perhaps be an invitation to being taken advantage of. The impression was startling, and has also stimulated more sobriety for me. I’m glad there is this alpha female in our group that will allow me to take more of a backseat and be with myself more easily. And because my mother is a bit frail right now and needing more downtime, this also allows me to take time out.

The local people feel very gentle and warm. I don’t want to make categorizing statements beyond that, although my mind does go there. I resist those thoughts because they feel limiting and too conclusive. I want to keep my field soft rather than defined. Otherwise I feel that all these feelings would get pigeon holed into some concretization, rather than be able to show me something more subtle.

I wrote to my friend about my inner turmoil in Nairobi, and she wrote back:
“You may be guarded for a very good reason. Let your intuition keep you safe.
Seems to me that if you are meant to connect with someone, the communication channels will be clear and safe. Otherwise, maybe it’s the earth below your feet that wishes for a conversation. ….Or maybe the stars have a different perspective to offer you, or the cup of tea in front of you may be beckening for a listen…or the ceiling fan may invite you into revelations unknown….or….”

Our flight crossing over the ocean encountered an unusual amount of turbulence. Everything speaks. Eyes, ears, whole body listening.

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