Two expanded

The birth of two from zerOne emerges several ways.

The single point expanding is the radiant growth of the point. Upon sensing a limit, momentum causes a reversal back towards center. Pulse and curve arises, creating The Torus field. This first differentiation is of expansion/contraction, out/in, toward/away, forward/backward. To experiment with embodying this, extend your arm to full extension and let it continue to move. There is a limit imposed by the length of your arm that then can be curved around and back toward your center. Perhaps you can pulse your movement or energy into feeling the limit of your arm expand. What does this further expansion entail? Does pulsing in some way help?

Finding a limit creates a new differentiation: the within and the without, the inside and the outside. This limit creates an edge for 1 to reflect. Embodying this, we can notice where consciousness finds its edges. What do I define as me/not me? Does pulsing at that edge expand my understanding of this? Stay close to actual experience for a truer realization.

Acknowledging differentiation, i.e. 2, as a reflection of without/within or the expansion/contraction brings 1 back to whOle. There is always more to consider or include, possible with every pulse. Twoness embeds in all expression through a division of the circle/sphere/torus into differentiation.

Notice the graphic symbol of the number 1 looks like an arrow, a line of directed flow. The arrow of 1 curving back toward center and piercing into the whOle shapes the whOle into the torus shape. From the side view of the torus, with the arrow/1 piercing from the top, this can be seen as the heart symbol, cleaving the whOle into two. The heart pulses, driving circulation as an infinite curving exploration. We see this heart shape also as the largest fundamental form of the Mandelbrot set, a quintessential expression of infinite, fractal geometry. The heart shape is another symbol of the torus field, from the one point flowing out at the bottom of the heart symbol, exploring differentiation and returning to center through the infinite two above, pulsing back and forth through difference, forever united by the center point, and along a central axis line that connects into further dimensions. The love of Two includes into the torus field heart pulse the possibility of infinite exploration.

Love is the torus, is two, is the Point !

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