Respect = Re-Specked

What is necessary for love to emerge? Respect!

Every being is a point of sentience, a Speck of Source consciousness exploring, if you will.

Each Speck has an edge that is the pattern of space that the Speck occupies. This edge is a living, pulsing, fluctuating and sensitive membrane, that is adjusting to other edges internally and externally, continuously. This edge defines the reaches of the field of attention by the Speck of Source that is a Point of Sentient Being.

The sentient membranous edge of the Speck of Source defines Who, Where, When, and How the Speck is incarnating. It is the exploration of Source into definition. Defining is an act of detailing, delineating, determinating, deciding; all these words are dynamics of removing (de-) or eliminating (-cide) extraneous information to focus on a limitation (the –fine -line -tail of the –terminal end). One might even say that this is what Source is doing by becoming individuated into singular expressions of sentience, such as a single human being. Every point, every speck, is something for which you could say the same.

This exploration of limitation deserves our full admiration. Respect derives from the Latin, “re-” meaning back and again + “specereto look at. Each of us desires to be seen and honored for the exploration that we are doing. To be seen with this Respect allows us to be Re-Specked, to know ourselves in the center of the definition of Who, Where, When and How we are incarnating, as a dynamic, fluid and sentient Speck of Source.

The Speck is a Spark (note the Arc in Spark) from the Radiance (Ray-Dance) of Source. Respecting the Speck as a Radiant Point gives observant light that honors the particular dance of limitation that the Speck is exploring. Don’t you wish that for yourself? Is that not what unconditional love is? The light of looking again simultaneously honors the current configuration of the membrane of the Speck while providing open space for reevaluation for the dynamic evolution into the next moment.

Respect the Speck so that it may Re-Speck with Respect!

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