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Expansion and Contraction or Love and Fear

Dynamic movement in 3D can be reduced down to a polarity of Expansion/Contraction. From the point of view of direct experience, we can feel this expansion or contraction energetically. It is felt as tension (contraction) or release and growth (expansion). … Continue reading

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Alchemy of Fear: The Container

In the alchemical model, “leaden” substance is contained in a crucible or retort for processing and purification into “gold”. In the metaphor of spiritual alchemy, the “lead” is a heavy vibratory field, or dense, tight energy with little movement potential. The … Continue reading

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Fear is not the problem; Fear of Fear is the problem.

Initially what we call fear is a perception of a pulse of Life that we resist letting take its internal natural trajectory unfettered. Consequently, the natural expansiveness of our life pulse is thwarted, pulled, twisted, and kept from expanding outward. … Continue reading

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