Fear is not the problem; Fear of Fear is the problem.

Initially what we call fear is a perception of a pulse of Life that we resist letting take its internal natural trajectory unfettered. Consequently, the natural expansiveness of our life pulse is thwarted, pulled, twisted, and kept from expanding outward.

In the density of 3D, limitation creates buildup of energy, leading to the sensation of intensity. If we are able to be sensitively aware of this as merely an energetic circumstance, then there is the possibility of cultivating release valves for this buildup, primarily through relaxation and breathing to allow more freedom. Understanding the action of how the energy of intensity can release through the body and energy fields also helps the mind cultivate a context to stay open. Bringing Genuine Open Interest (i.e. Love) to the process allows the intensity to reveal itself and generate more life force.

Because we are not skillful in flowing with the intensity of energy building up at the edge of resistance, our minds take over and we label the intensity Fear. We project that these intense sensations are fearful. If we think that the intensity is to be feared, then the energies in that intensity become twisted, thwarted and suppressed. The first fear is a projection on what the intensity is. The Fear of fear then compounds the resistance. The first fear is merely a misguided response to intensity, and if the mind can realize this directly and immediately, then the projection can be dissolved before the second Fear contracts it further.

When we no longer Fear our fear we are able to look our fear in the face, squarely and objectively, and experience the energies that are ours to reclaim. These energies are life force pulsing intensely through our fields, and can be experienced for the cleansing and strengthening of our deep presence in our lives. This process is alchemical in nature, transmuting our personal “lead” into “gold”.

We need to be able to face our fears, i.e. to alchemize the intensity of energy pulsing in us, to see directly how our resistance and projections can usurp our creativity and twist our life force into uncomfortable, limiting and damaging configurations. Only then can we truly step out of these patterns and reclaim our lives in beauty.

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