Raising Our Vibration and the Fear of Connecting Cosmically

25-best-movie-cgi-effects-ever-district-9There has been an unfortunate seeding into the mass consciousness that the cosmic connection is just another disastrous apocalyptic scenario.

How do we imagine our relationship to other-dimensional or extraterrestrial consciousnesses beyond our earthly realm? Even if we feel that ETs are our space family, the impact of the mass media imagery blitz of invading alien species of monstrous proportions coming to take us over is more than likely lurking in our cells. Whistleblower accounts feed into this, making this murky territory even more seemingly real.

How may we deal with this imprinting in a way that we may raise our vibrations and be in alignment with cosmic Truth, able to bring Love into the new paradigm? How might we alchemize these fears rather than responding through the release of the Four Horsemen?

Alchemizing our responses to the arising of these fears brings fearless presence into the crucible of our own cosmic Self.

There may be resistance to letting yourself acknowledge these images, for fear of activating some off-balancing of your being. Remember: Fear is not the problem. Fear of Fear is the problem. The initial “fearful” response is only an intensity of energy for which you have not had the time or space or skill to metabolize and be digested through the fullness of your being.

Look at your imprinted imagery square in the face. Bring your body (bodies) into vertical alignment, literally sit or stand straighter, with relaxation and breath. Come into contact with the intensity of feeling that is in your body-field(s) and pay attention. Are you tensing up? This can be quite subtle or utterly intense.

What is the quality of your breath? Do not force change in your breathing or tension. Allow Alignment, Attention and the simple Intent of relaxation do the work. The intent of relaxation brings Genuine Open Interest, i.e. Love, to the process. In this we trust.

These three elements – Alignment, Attention and Intent – are already in alignment with the Cosmic field of Loving Awareness, and can be trusted to do the work. They can be seen as the higher use of the body-fields of which we are currently composed. Alignment is of the physical body. Attention is from the higher mental body. Intent is from the higher emotional body. The working of these together brings us into a spiritual alignment that can keep us present and receptive to higher vibrations through these body-fields.

With Alignment, Attention and Intent ( AAI instead of AI?!) the crucible of the Self is set on the fire of the intensity of feeling. Alchemizing of “fear” progresses to eventually making of us a reliable Philosopher’s Stone of golden elixir, capable of transmuting an electric charge of cosmic proportion. What might be available then? At the very least, we would be capable of fearlessly welcoming whatever is cosmically aware.

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