The Geometry of Beauty

cereus-mirror-2nd-versionHow do we recognize beauty? What is the value of beauty in a world of seeming chaos? Can beauty help us to become more aligned in the multidimensional realities?

Just as in the Sacred Geometries, there are symmetries and harmonies in beauty that allow reflection. These symmetries not only create a flow of energy and attention, but they can also ease or amplify power.

For example, the symmetry of a balanced dual can allow an easy energetic flow of back and forth, like in the infinite symbol or 8. More complex symmetries often will have multiple dual axes, such as two axes in a cross or square, or 3 axes in a hexagon. These crossings of symmetrical axes flowing through the center bring harmonizing of the flows, allowing attention and intent to flow in many directions easily.

Geometries of odd numbers will harmonize on axes that move in and out in reconciling opposing directions. This understanding is a bit more complex, but when understood is clear and intuitive. Odd numbers create a polar axis of north/south or expansion/contraction around which the other points fall symmetrically. The polar axis of even numbers doesn’t necessarily indicate a single direction of flow. The field of flow around the even numbers can be bi-directional, whereas the odd numbers will have a specific directional flow of expansion/contraction along any particular axis. There will also be reflective harmonic, intuitive flows of energy and attention in odd numbers because of similarities of angles and ratios, such as Phi in the pentagram.

There is a deepening and expansion of attention (i.e. light) when there is ease of reflection in many directions. We recognize this intuitively through our direct perception. Our experience of this is a feeling of expanding relaxation that we identify as beauty. This ability of reflection is a quality of the beautiful.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” This is supremely true, and simultaneously beauty is a force of adjustment on the beholder. The inner geometry of the Self is a complex, intimate and potentially convoluted configuration, full of both simple and mystifying angles. If this can be seen in reflected manifestation, then a sense of respect is gained. (See blog post article on Respect = Re-Specked.) A complex reflection that is full of strange angles and contortions may find resonant reflection in one’s self, finding a reflective symmetry of inner and outer that can be beautiful.

If simultaneously this reflection carries a sense of harmonic placement in a larger and greater whole, then the reflection of the manifested beauty can resonate one’s sense of self in the greater reality. We can suddenly see our place in a grander schema. New knowledge can be gained from seeing these perspectives.

Beauty is essential for the success of the evolutionary enterprise. The pursuit of Truth without the caveat of Beauty can become lacking in basic moral decency. It is the context of Beauty that helps keep Truth aligned with the Good.

A code I hear and see in the word Beauty:

Be You tY

The geometry of the t or + is the cross of the vertical with the horizontal, which also represents the crucible of Self as Source. The geometry of the Y is a vertical that receives the dance of duality into the aligning of Self as Source. I.e. Beauty = Be You in the crucible of the Self as Source receiving the dance of aligning in duality.

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