Geometries of Love

Why do we call sacred geometries “sacred”? Sacredness encourages coherency through multiple scale. For instance, it is the bottom of the spine that is the sacrum, that feels the pull of gravity through our vertical into the next grand level of scale which is planetary. These geometries that we call sacred are inherent structure at all scale. They are balanced and know center. They are coherent. This means that their measures are similar, fractal and harmonic.

Light is reflected through geometric form. The points in geometry are receptors and transmitters. The lines are connectors and directors. The faces are reflectors and bring in unknowns. The angles are focusers. All these dynamics can be exchanged among the elements of the geometries. Navigating from point to point in a balanced way that reflects light in a way that you know where and how we are aiming is the game. This harmonic light is health producing. Health is coherent geometry that is balanced. Ultimate health is coherency of the whole.

Light is consciousness. Attention is directed light. Focus creates a line or multiples lines of direction of light. These lines of attentive light are extended at angles from vertical through the center points. The Centers are points of reception and radiation of light. The generation of light the comes through our centers is from deeper and higher scale, and so it is appropriate for us to say that our incarnations are receptors and transmitters for this light. The generative creative aspect of our center points have to do with how we angle this radiant light, as in how we AIM our focuses. We can adjust our focus by adjusting the geometries that reveal and reflect light.

What we create is angles of perception. These angles of perception are both active and passive. On the passive side, we receive impressions through these angles of the elements of geometries. The active part adjusts our angles to receive different impressions and expand our view of the fields of perception. The light then radiates out through our angles, reflecting our own shape and receiving what is reflected through our AIMing.

The radiance of light through our personal lens of AIMing interacts with the radiances of Other points of center. This creates the interference waves that can be more or less harmonic. It is part of our mission here to understand how to radiate in a way that generates more harmony through more scale. Harmony at small scale will cohere into larger scale if it is balanced and centered. Balance and centeredness is known when less energy expenditure is needed to maintain the wavelengths. The wavelengths are the frequencies of light that are created as they bounce and travel through the geometries of the matrix of relating. You are not stuck in the matrix, but you are integral to it. You can travel and creatively engage.

We are liquid crystalline geometry. Our geometries are not static. They are not stuck. They adjust and morph in the sensitive fields of perception. Some angles allow new boundary conditions to be created, so that more subtle or complex harmonies can be found in safety. These smaller boundary conditions can also be for allowing certain harmonics to ring true. When the boundary conditions have served their purpose, then the reintroduction of these geometries into the larger field in a way that finds harmonic coherence is the challenge. This could be a good description of our lives and life purpose.

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