What is “The Crucible?”

Who, Where and How We Are functions through geometric, harmonic Law.

The functional concept of The Crucible

In classical alchemy, a crucible is the retort, the container, used for containing and processing dark, dense substances into refined, useful material. The archetypal alchemical example we hear of is the transformation of lead into gold. The Crucible functions because of its ability to contain elements and allow processes to be applied to these elements. The crucible maintains safety by keeping the processing contained and working until ultimate transmutation is achieved. The goal of ultimate transmutation is to create what is known as the Philosopher’s Stone or the Elixir.

The geometry of the crucible is a functioning part of what takes place within it. Its geometry provides different effects on the contents. A rounded, globular shape allows toroidal circulation of the contents, an understanding I find very helpful. Toriodal circulation brings elements from the edges back to center for integration in a new way. This new understanding is released out to gain new experience and information, creating an evolving, learning field. Different “shapes” or geometries would bring in different kinds of information, or allow different processing to take place.

The spiritual Crucible holds the sacred geometric crosspoint of the vertical alignment through all dimensions and the horizontal engagement with the realm of 3D living. (The etymology of the word is from the Latin “crux” meaning cross.) From this crosspoint we are able to see clearly, get insight, and be infused with holy power.

How we use the Crucible

For us, the concept of the Crucible gives us context for studying anything that we feel could use refinement in our lives. It is a way to take subject matter into our inner laboratory and do our inner work.

As a metaphor for this inner work, the Crucible carries beautiful, poetic wisdom for how to proceed toward the mastery and enlightenment we are invoking. The fact that it is a container implies much, for instance: the work is done on the inside; the need to maintain a focus; the need to have some safe boundaries. The metaphoric kinds of processing the crucible is subjected to will allow different results. Heating or cooling the contents, stirring or settling, pulsing, subjecting to different context, all of these and more are possible ways to get the subject matter to reveal and clarify itself. These processing techniques translate for us into focus of attention, feeling our responses, breathing with contracted and released energy, noting our preconceptions and desires, give space and time, bringing wise context, etc.

Rather than setting up a physical laboratory, we are using alchemical principals as counsel for spiritual evolution. Because we are not working in a literal lab, we are also not limited by physical conditions that laboratory equipment would have. With a multi-dimensional context, we can know our crucibles to be holographic and scalar, and much more fluid in their action. They can morph and adjust as necessary for our needs.

We are crucibles! You are a crucible. You are a crosspoint in the universe at the intersection of Source and Life. You are the point in which alchemy occurs, aligning (or not) through multiple dimensions, conscious and unconscious, into the creation of this reality. May we become more conscious, with awakened conscience, to create our lives with more and more Respect, Beauty and LOVE!

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