5th Crucible: All My Relations, The Evolutionary Edge

Having established all Selves as each’s unique center of the universe (Crucibles #1, #2 and #3), and begun to study the social memes that structure and filter our conception, perception and reception (Crucible #4), we now address interaction with All Our Relations.

In the periphery of our perceptual field is our engagement with the Unknown. From the center, our Selves are relating to all else as Other. It is in this relationship that we can see our stance between what we “know” and the Unknown. In receiving our perceptions of Other, the Unknown begins to clarify into harmonic patterns of reflection: those of polarity, comparison and recognition. And still, if we are willing, the Unknown remains, holding ever more mystery and depth. 

The question we ask now in Crucible #5 is To whom do I/You relate, and how? Do I assume I know the answer? How much openness do I have in my relations? How much do I feel the need to protect or control? Are my impulses of relating motivated out of fear or love? Or even both?  

Often, maybe even usually, we are moving in impulses that include both the dynamic of expansion and simultaneous contraction, creating curving angles of relating. Becoming conscious of how we engage reveals to us how we are creating the shape of our perception, which influences the structure of our universe. The more we can relax into the support of our vertical alignment, the more our perceptions will find harmonic patterning with open space for the Unknown to also coherently engage.

Activating Respect leaves open space for revelation of the previously unseen. In my understanding, Respect is one of the pillars holding open the gate to the ecstatic universe. Respect allows the dynamics of the emotional field to have space to unfold safely. True Respect is a dynamic that stabilizes the fractal harmony of the omnicentric universe, without become static. Respect recognizes the All is Center, allowing free and ultimate differentiation. The other pillar of Encouraging Health brings the harmonizing tones that intend the ecstatic coherency of infinity, i.e. the AIM of Creation. This is what will be addressed in the last Crucible, #6.

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