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Who are the Four Horsemen?

In Alchemy of the Apocalypse, we begin with alchemy and end with alchemy, creating a powerful container for transmuting into love our contractions and fear. But in the middle, the “apocalypse” segment of Alchemy of the Apocalypse goes into detailed description … Continue reading

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The Geometry of Beauty

How do we recognize beauty? What is the value of beauty in a world of seeming chaos? Can beauty help us to become more aligned in the multidimensional realities? Just as in the Sacred Geometries, there are symmetries and harmonies in … Continue reading

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Holographic Mindfulness

As I begin to express the many inspirations that emerge through contemplating the principles of Embodied Sacred Geometry, I am finding that the elements are continually embedding into each other and emerging from each other. The Zero and the One … Continue reading

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Digging through the layers

Blog entry September 21, 2013 En route to Konya, Turkey It is said by the Greeks that if you dig down only a meter or so anywhere in the country you will find something from the past. The country has … Continue reading

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Remembering on the Rock at Patmos

Blog entry September 20, 2013 In Patmos Greece I have been in Athens, Delphi, Meteora, and Patmos. I am almost at the end of the Greek portion of my trip. I have been wanting to write, but when I have … Continue reading

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The flying Ray: Initiatory Thoughts on my traveling to Greece

I am on my way to Athens, Greece, currently flying over South Dakota. I have intuited over the past month that this trip I am embarking on has much more implication than merely a fun tour. There have been many … Continue reading

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In The Beginning: The Radiant Point

I have discovered that the geometry we know as a point surrounded by the circle is the fundamental geometry, and is primary to each one of us. It is primary to every point of consciousness, and may be all the … Continue reading

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