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The Geometry of Beauty

How do we recognize beauty? What is the value of beauty in a world of seeming chaos? Can beauty help us to become more aligned in the multidimensional realities? Just as in the Sacred Geometries, there are symmetries and harmonies in … Continue reading

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“But isn’t it bad to think about it?”

Does the idea of the Apocalypse arouse fear in you? Does the thought of even considering the idea of the Apocalypse arouse fear in you? With all the Law of Attraction types of teaching we have absorbed, we have trained … Continue reading

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The flying Ray: Initiatory Thoughts on my traveling to Greece

I am on my way to Athens, Greece, currently flying over South Dakota. I have intuited over the past month that this trip I am embarking on has much more implication than merely a fun tour. There have been many … Continue reading

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