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4th Crucible: Social Memes, Illusion and Truth

The center of the Crucible is the crosspoint of our aligned multidimensional Self with our conception, inception, perception and reception of the “outer” world. This toroidal flow of consciousness intricately in-forms our internal posturing and external understanding, both positive and negative.  … Continue reading

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2nd Crucible: The Self (w/video excerpts)

In the first gathering of the Crucible series, we were introduced to the functioning potential of the Crucible. The second evening initiated our Self investigation into the crucible. There is an eternal question we incarnated humans hold of Who Am I? The … Continue reading

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Divining before the journey, and early impressions

I have a dear friend who is trained (“merged” is the word used) in the way of the African Dagara tribe to divine for others counsel from the unseen realm. I remembered that this was available to me just a … Continue reading

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