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What is “The Crucible?”

Who, Where and How We Are functions through geometric, harmonic Law. The functional concept of The Crucible In classical alchemy, a crucible is the retort, the container, used for containing and processing dark, dense substances into refined, useful material. The … Continue reading

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Geometries of Love

Why do we call sacred geometries “sacred”? Sacredness encourages coherency through multiple scale. For instance, it is the bottom of the spine that is the sacrum, that feels the pull of gravity through our vertical into the next grand level … Continue reading

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Who are the Four Horsemen?

In Alchemy of the Apocalypse, we begin with alchemy and end with alchemy, creating a powerful container for transmuting into love our contractions and fear. But in the middle, the “apocalypse” segment of Alchemy of the Apocalypse goes into detailed description … Continue reading

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Alchemy of the Apocalypse Practicum

In supportive conversation with a friend yesterday I was surprised and pleased to find the practical use of the Alchemy of the Apocalypse principles in action. She was struggling with wanting to know the right direction to take in a relationship that … Continue reading

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What is Alchemy?

What is Alchemy? Spiritual Alchemy is a practical understanding of the principles of the transformation of density and darkness into light. In studying alchemy we reconnect with the fundamental spiritual realities in the universe. Alchemy dissolves outmoded and sterile constructions … Continue reading

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