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The Radiant Point focuses on wisdom obtained by opening to the intelligence available through understanding and embodying sacred geometry, spiritual alchemy, and other subjects of an evolutionary nature.

Marién Grace, the blogger on The Radiant Point, has been a student of sacred geometry and consciousness since the early 1970s. Her commitment to honest, direct knowledge informs her unique perspective on the subject. She has also been the Director of the Bay Area Crop Circle Study Group since 2009. To learn more about Marién click here.

In 2019, Marién presented The Crucible, a fresh perspective using spiritual alchemy, in which we can transform and transmute any assumptions that are less than healing into deeply respectful relationship with the Whole.

In 2015, Marién offered a seminar and workshop: Alchemy of the Apocalypse: Transforming Fear into the Elixir of Love. This timely and compelling discourse uses Alchemy and the metaphors of Apocalypse that are in the collective psyche as a mirror and retort for processing the intensity of fear. This allows reclamation of the sacred Self with the magnetic presence of this restored energy.

Marién occasionally hosts Embodied Sacred Geometry Circles. For more information and to RSVP, click here. Embodied Sacred Geometry Circles are forums to activate our direct knowing of the power embedded in the Sacred experience, using principles of Embodied Sacred Geometry. To see the calendar of past and upcoming themes, click here. To read more in depth about the themes explored, go to The Circle Blog or click here.

Under the menu Embodied Sacred Geometry, you will find sub-categories that explore the knowings and musings gleaned from investigations into this rich subject. Under Traveling you will find inspirations written while visiting sacred spaces during Marién Grace’s travels.

You can be notified of any upcoming event by becoming a member of any of these groups on Bay Area Crop Circle Study Group, Embodied Sacred Geometry, or Alchemy of the Apocalypse or send your name and email in the form below to be included in the mailing list. If you have interest in having Marién Grace speak at a gathering on the topic of Embodied Sacred Geometry, Crop Circles, Alchemy of the Apocalypse or Consciousness, please contact her through the form below.

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