Standing in the Portal, Facing the Unknown

Standing in the Portal, Facing the Unknown
Marién Grace at Marin IONS Community Group, January 10, 2020
Reality is not what we think it is, and our reality is as we think. Life is holographic; what is revealed to us comes through the lens of our own projection upon it. And yet, we are being afforded open doors, to allow us to step into new realities. 

As 3D creatures we are given the gift of being able to be in a world of Unknowns. The laws of the universe are elegant and thorough, and yet we are able to navigate through the details as if they are morphing and new. What is our experience as we travel through a perception of time? We may see this as enslavement or as freedom. Because of deep social trauma, we have ingrained patterning to respond with judgment, suspicion and caution. Marién Grace believes that with the support of the infinite intelligence of the larger, mysterious universe, we are being shown the doors to a new relationship with what is beyond our limiting habitual frames. 

What are the unlimiting frames we can reference to help us still find balance in the face of the Unknown? Unified physics, fractal geometry, spiritual wisdom and acknowledgement of contact from beyond can all help us stabilize in a new sense of scale. Using crop circle imagery and other stimulating slides, Marién Grace brings these elements together in a way that becomes personal and supportive for truly being open to an evolutionary leap in awareness.


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