6th Crucible: The AIM

You are both the key and keyhole, the gate between the worlds and in both sides.

From within the magnifying perspective of the Crucible we recognize the potency of the shape of our attention. This understanding is the alchemist’s most formidable tool, knowing that energy follows attention and creates connection between self and other. At the edge between self and other is the interaction with the Unknown, where we are challenged to intend and bring Respect and Encouraging of Harmonic Wholeness (i.e. Health). It is in this interaction with the Unknown that our Evolutionary Edge expands and learns what Love really is.

In the 5th Crucible we focused on that evolutionary edge that is revealed through All Our Relations. In relating we see both reflection of Self and revelation of the Unknown. Recognizing our responses of meeting openly or resisting with regard shows us the shape of our attention in the moment of engaging. Breathing and relaxing with the internal chemistry of responses that are driving how we engage allows this to become alchemy for maintaining the presence of the center through which all can coherently harmonize.

The AIM of incarnation is to grow, build and play as an instrument of God’s symphony, wherein every angle that is active is connected harmonically within and beyond itself, and is able to realize itself ringing within the whole.

Every point in this omnicentric universe is particular and unique. Internally in consciousness this rings our questions of individuality, our individual experience of separateness, in contrast to the idea of Oneness. Reconciling this personal experience with the harmonic coherence of the Whole is the principle practice of the Crucible. We find ourselves at the center of the universe, in the crosshairs of vertical multidimensional alignment with the horizontal created reality.

The 6th Crucible brings this alchemy into the AIM of Crucible work: opening the portal between the world of imbalanced dissonance into the potentiated world of ecstatic harmonic coherency. For the portal to open you must be standing in it, holding the paradoxical polarities in dynamic balance. You are both the key and keyhole, the gate between the worlds and in both sides. Thus the light of the Whole can support you as the center of All and simultaneously resonate co-here-ncy throughout.


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