The Crucible

The Crucible is a body of work included in the Alchemy of the Apocalypse series. Please signup to the email list in the form at right to be informed of upcoming offerings.

Have you heard that we are powerful beyond measure, yet perhaps you feel helpless in front of the immense challenges we face?

We are at a crucial moment in our history. The necessity of growing wisely is critical. How can we engage in what we know is possible without being held back by unconscious programs and patterns?

It may be the political turmoil that catches you, or the dark deep state, shadow forces, more “out there” scenarios that loom. Or maybe it’s just that you can’t seem to get your bills paid. Yet you also know that this world, this Gaia, can be magical and in harmony on ALL levels, with warm relations in all directions, even beyond this planetary sphere.

How are we to stay balanced in the turbulence, when the edge of make or break feels so evident?

We have conflicting notions of what is happening here and how it works. Confusion comes with incompatibilities from political correctness to the spiritually correct, as well as scientific, environmental, historic, genetic, individual, etc. , to say nothing of completely new perspectives that have been labeled “fringe” or “woo-woo”, but are becoming more commonly known at this time.

Do you feel that we have gotten trapped? Is there a way for us to not ignore the fears but also not be consumed by them entirely? Can we connect with our highest selves without losing our connection with each other? What can bring us the power AND humility to see and act wisely? How do we stay present in the face of the Unknown?

What brings balance
and clarity with these questions
is engaging in a technology
I’m calling
The Crucible.

The Crucible is a tool for engaging who we truly are (our vertical, multi-dimensional alignment) with the challenge of where and how we are here (the horizontal). We need to be able to see clearly where (in spacetime) we are, and how (in relationship) we are in it. This engagement allows conscious alchemical transformation of all that we feel is heavy and fearful into respectful, health-on-all-levels LOVE.

I invite you to join me for a series of eveningevents every other Wednesday in THE CRUCIBLE

In The Crucible we deeply engage and transform through spiritual alchemy. We will also engage in using these principals, for us individually and/or for collective transformation, so that troubles become clarified as medicine.

In The Crucible, these processes take place:

  • Revelation: Revealing the elements of your relating in whatever subject you choose. This can be personal or collective, and is usually both.
  • Clarification: Allowing you to realize how you relate to these elements, emotionally, historically, and what preconceptions there are, to be seen clearly.
  • Transformation: With the light of your attention and the Holy Intent that the Crucible holds, (i.e. Respect, Health, Love, Spaciousness and Time) crusty, stuck, old patterning will give way to new possibility aligned with the Holy Will of the Universe, from which you are not separate!
  • Activation: With the transformed Self/Source, the lens of where and how you are here is polished and potent for full Agency in All Your Relations. Ah-HO!

Each participant is their own crucible, and the group dynamic is a crucible of larger scale. The theme itself is its own crucible, and the collective will of the planet will be affected by our focus with Holy Intent. The Crucible(s) themselves undergo the processing as well, allowing evolution into our greatest good to prevail!

Some themes that we can place in The Crucible for alchemical transformation:

  • Respect: The practice of Respect is deep and subtle and is a foundational piece for becoming a good galactic citizen. How do we bring Respect in all directions, toward self and toward other? How do we know when Respect is active? More on Respect
  • Health: Intending Health-on-all-levels is the other pillar that holds open the gate to the universe in which we wish to be. How do we define health? What does health mean in a world in which there is disease and death?
  • Self-Love: How do we truly Love ourselves? How do we bring self compassion while still be willing to be accountable for our engagement with the world? The way we love ourselves reflects in all our relations.
  • Relationships: The evolutionary edge. It is in relationship that we can find our edge between the known and the unknown, and practice Respect and Nurturance.
  • Safety: Our personal relationship to safety reflects in all our relations. What needs to be more open or more firm?
  • Forgiveness: What does this truly mean? Can we know this without it being an assumed platitude required by spiritual correctness?
  • Responsibility: What is the functional edge of our engagement with the world? How willing are we, and how far might we go?

Other possible themes, as the group dynamic evolves could be: Ego, Oneness/Fractality, Mastery, Parenting, Abundance, Current Events, and more. Especially powerful is subjecting any unquestioned assumptions about “how things are” to the potent lens of The Crucible.

All of these themes will reveal their fractal, scaling polarities for balancing with them and being able to navigate with them. We can understand these dynamics through a functional, geometric modeling, that has space on all levels. It is a really big universe, friends. That is a big part of what is making this safe.

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