The Scepter Cycle

In my effort to understand the dynamics of consciousness, I have discovered a cyclic flow of information through the self and reality. I call this dynamic The Scepter Cycle.

A scepter is a staff held by a sovereign being as a symbol of their sovereignty. It has been ascribed as having certain powers of being able to direct decrees, as in saying “Make it So!” and that creative power is passed through the staff and into reality.

We each have an internal scepter, that is our personal right to embody. This scepter is aligned with our vertical spine and terminates in our skull with the pineal gland. Many sculpted fashionings of royal scepters depict the pineal at the tip with likenesses of pine cones, artichokes, or faceted crystals.

The biological human is a highly sensitive creature completely surrounded and infused by information. We have the capacity to understand many different qualities of information, through the many senses that we embody. Each sense receives a different set of frequencies that are understood as different qualities of information. The obvious five senses: sight, sound, touch, smell and taste are among a larger set that includes temperature, pressure, intuition, emotional sensing, sense of space, etc. In some ancient teachings it was said that in the 360° circle, each degree had a different quality of sensing.

All of our senses coordinate and align information into our consciousness through our internal scepter. Each sense has a biological, electro-chemical component that receives particular sets of informational frequencies. The chakra system is one categorization of this array. In the Scepter Cycle I call these Receptors. The Receptors receive perceptions of the flow of present time information.

Present time information is presented as Perceptions that are received by the Receptors in your physiology. The information then Incepts into your internal perceptive field, interacting with you through the electro-magnetic, chemical self. The pineal is the ultimate sublime receptor of this information, allowing your percepts and incepts to inform all scales of yourself. In this process information is combined with already received and incepted past information, outputting Concepts of meaning. These Concepts then get projected back out into and onto reality.

Here I want to insert a new word in the vocabulary, one that was revealed to me by observing the Scepter Cycle. The projection of Concepts back into reality is the action of Proception. Proception refers to the inner conceptions being projected back out into reality, but with an aspect of agency that can influence that reality. Procepts have the power of new combinations of frequencies from having moved through the Scepter Cycle in any individual.

Exception and Deception can also be part of this cycle, in conjunction with the point in the cycle of proception. Exception is a blocking or rejection of information moving through the Scepter Cycle. Deception is a distortion of information for purposes of hiding motive. Both of these will influence the power of the Procepts being projected.

The Procepted frequencies then are placed into the reality field and activate the Receptors of other beings, through which the Scepter Cycle then cascades again. This creates a figure 8, toroidal flow of information from the inner to the outer and back, influencing creation and “Making It So”.

It is important to note that this describes the flow of information through non-homogenous consciousness. Consciousness has high levels of variability, through individuals and through scale. This will make the procepted frequencies have vast ranges of power and influence.

It is also important to note that this process is flowing through an infinitely coherent field of consciousness that is informing at all levels. This does not dismiss the validity of the individual’s Scepter Cycle. We are each a Sovereign being creating and influencing reality. Aligning with one’s internal scepter will help one develop coordinating mastery with one’s standing in the world.

And one more note of importance: It is along one’s internal Scepter that the infinite scaling of the universe is also aligned for you personally. Allowing your vertical scepter to receive and cohere reality brings one into alignment with the divine.

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