ESG Calendar & Themes

Embodied Sacred Geometry Circles are currently on hiatus. Please signup on the form at right to be informed of our next engagement.

The study of Embodied Sacred Geometry is a platform for engaging in the sacred moment. In the ESG Circles there are lectures and transmissions of information, meditations, interaction, guided experiments, and sharing of insights gained. There will also sometimes be group activities to amplify the field of insight. Even though each evening will explore a basic theme, all the themes are embedded within each other and flow holographically. Learn  more.

If you missed a circle, I encourage you to read the ESG Circle Blog to absorb some of the information explored. Themes for each circle, in reverse-chronological order (i.e. the most recent is first) listed below.

November 4, 2015   Alignment Activation

Embodied Sacred Geometry Activation Circles are starting up again! New day of the month: Now regularly on the first Wednesday evening of the month.

This re-activating meeting will start with an alignment meditation, and have group discussion about how Sacred Geometry serves us at this time.

Since we are starting up again after an extended hiatus, we will listen to the group to see the direction of how we wish to proceed.

We will bring our intention of keeping the knowledge embodied and activating our consciousness for the highest good. A-HO!

February 2015  Spirals

Every month about two weeks before our scheduled circle, I tune in to guidance to see what our theme should be for our next ESG Circle. This month, SPIRALS appeared as the preferred topic.

Spirals are fundamental to the torus field, being the dynamic movement that is intrinsic to its structure. Spirals ensue from the geometries of the Golden Mean and Golden Ratios. Spirals occur whenever differences meet and engage with each other.

Spirals are a dynamic geometry, describing development and engagement. At our next ESG Circle, let’s study how spirals are embedded in our consciousness as we converse and converge in our energies and ideas.

January 2015  7 Seven 7

The theme we shall explore for the next ESG Circle is lucky number 7.

Seven seems to be integral to the full forming of life flow, from the basics of the spectra of light and sound (the rainbow and the octave), to the newly discovered (in 2000) 7-sided polyhedron known as the Chestahedron.

We will also explore the relationship of 7 to the geometry of the enneagram (did you know there was one?), as known in esoteric studies.  It is also seen as the initial 7 circles of the Seed of Life, which is the core of the Flower of Life geometry.

One way to directly relate 7 to the embodied self is the 7 directions: Before, Behind, Right, Left, Above, Below and Within. These are the directions of the three axes, how 6 relates to our presence, and the plus-one, unifying center of the 7th. Or as used in native traditions and earth ceremonies: East, South, West, North, Heaven, Earth and Within. These two expressions of the same geometry are fractals of each other: the self-referenced and the earth-referenced, with the center of consciousness within the self being center to both.

December 18, 2014  1 3 5 7 How Do We Get Into Heaven?

In this last month of 2014, a year of high purpose for connection to a much larger reality, our ESG Circle will consider the power of prime, odd numbers to take us even higher.

Rather than the doubling circuit that the even numbers predictably provide, the odd numbers require us to find a wholeness anew with each step up the scale.

 Marien will share her methods of innovative discovery of inspiration:

  • the addition of 1
  • the circle of 3
  • the growth of 5
  • the limit of 7

November 20, 2014    Thanksgiving Torus  (or: 2 4 6 8 How do we appreciate? -Reprise)

Seven days before our American tradition of Thanksgiving, let us reacquaint ourselves with this simple progression of balance and expansion, as the eternal 8/Infinite returns us to center to recreate ever again.

I heard this past week a wonderful interpretation of 6:  three axes of up/down, right/left and front/back mean Who, Where and When. This is our natural orientation in 3D reality, and can be consciously embodied with the statement “I, Here, Now.”

As I, Here, Now engages fully and fearlessly in 3D embodiment, we touch the center of the dynamic torus field that synchronizes the multidimensional love of the universe. It is right here, being continuously modulated into the phi-full harmony of the heart, which we will dance with in next month’s ESG:

     1 3 5 7  How Do We Get Into Heaven?

In gratitude for engagement with this world, let us embrace All in Love!

October 16, 2014     5:6

This month’s ESG Circle will consider the profound relationship of 5 to 6. How does the dynamic fractaling spiral of 5 find stability in the balancing structure of 6? Where do we see this manifest?

Recommended blog:  5 : 6

September 18, 2014     Five: Phive

  • Pentagon/Pentagram
  • Natural proportion
  • Growth spirals
  • Fibonacci
  • Phi

Recommended blog: The Phi Ratio Moment, or The Phibbon

(No more ESG Circles were scheduled until September for summer break. Note new monthly schedule: 3rd Thursday only, starting September 2014.)

July 12, 2014     2 4 6 8 : How do we appreciate?

  • 2 = Reflection, Self & Other, Differentiation, Duality
  • 4 = Orientation in this Plane, Creative Spark
  • 6 = Dynamic engagement through 3 axes; The fit of Two Tetrahedra, One Cube and One Octahedron.
  • 8 = As above, so below; Infinite gratitude

June 26, 2014   Four: Orientation

  • Vertical and Horizontal
  • From Tetrahedron to Octahedron to Cube
  • Gravity and Multiplicity
  • 3D Reality

June 12, 2014   Three: Perspective

  • Vectors of interaction
  • From difference (2) emerges perspective (3)
  • Consideration and inclusion
  • The Arc, the Angle, the Curve
  • From plane to sphere
  • The Y Process and Lorenz attractors
  • 2-Three-4
  • Looking at life from inside the Tetrahedron

May 22, 2014   Two: From Whence Comes Duality?

  • Inside/Outside emerges from the whOle
  • The natural embeddedness of geometry and reality
  • The expanding Ray
  • The Line of Connection
  • The Pulse
  • Expansion/Contraction or Expansion/Rest

For more insight, read the blog posts Two-ness and Two Expanded.

May 8, 2014   ZerOne – The Torus Field

April 17, 2014  Opening Circle