Embodied Sacred Geometry

We know there is a pulse, a harmony, and a power living in connection with all that is. This knowledge is written into sacred geometry, and seen in many of the crop circles.

Embodied Sacred Geometry brings dynamic activation of this harmony into our very existence. ESG re-activates our holographic minds to empower alignment with all that is, awakening new levels of consciousness and amplifying our prayers to soar powerfully into the vastness.

Marién Grace presents principles of Sacred Geometry that go beyond mere curiosities for the intellect. Through dynamic engagement with our lives, our bodies, and our hearts we understand our Selves as configurations of Source exploring in the fractal density of this plane of reality.

Embodied Sacred Geometry helps bring spaciousness to all our relations. It helps you gain perspective with any problem. It supports your desire for understanding. It amplifies your meditations and brings power to your prayers. It resonates your tissues for more health. It is wholly aligned with Love. What more could you want? Be ready to expand in the harmonic space of conscious resonance!

Want more information? Many articles are in the categories under this tab above for investigation: Geometric Philosophy, Sacred Geometries, Sacred Number, and the ESG Circle Blog talking about subject matter covered in the ESG Circles.

Embodied Sacred Geometry Circle Activations for:

      • Personal & World Healing
      • Harmonic Community
      • Spiritual Connection

ZerO/One: The Point, The Torus
Two, Three and Six: Duality, Perspective and Balance
Four: Vertical and Horizontal, Orientation
Five and Ten: Spirals/Harmonics/Time
The Geometry of Love and Fear
Squaring the Circle / Circling the Square
Dynamic Expansion into Cosmic Consciousness

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