Luciferian v Sovereign

What is really happening here on this planet is what some have called a battle for our souls. In an effort to contextualize this in a more positive light, let’s say that we are engaging in a supreme challenge to establish ourselves as sovereign beings aligned with Source in the density of the 3D realm. 

We are engaging in a supreme challenge to establish ourselves as sovereign beings aligned with Source in the density of the 3D realm. 

At core in incarnation, we are highly sensitive beings experiencing the world through the exquisite natural technology of our biological selves. One of the risks of incarnating is the intensity of experience in the highly sensitive bodies that we inhabit. This sensitivity has the capacity for feeling the full range from pleasure to pain, from wonder to terror. This acute sensitivity is actually a gift, as the challenge in incarnation is to be able to skillfully experience and navigate reality in a way that all can be respectfully nourished. This needs our deep sensitivity to expertly inform us.

Nourishment occurs when Source energy is absorbed, digested and metabolized. Our bodies are beautifully designed to be able to accomplish this naturally. Unfortunately, our high rate of sensitivity has been traumatized and thus diminished by being unable to reconcile the intensity of experience in the 3D world. This inner trauma is handled internally by our creating tension around the experience in order to modulate the intensity of reception. These tension fields suppress our levels of experience, allowing one to become numbed to one’s own sensitivity. While this protective device may be helpful in the short term, over the long term it limits the information you can absorb from experience. You are here to experience reality through the point of being that you are. Every point, every individual, has a different point of view on the universe, and is rightfully wanting to be coherently included in the field of experience that is Source/God. Decreasing your sensitivity limits that aim.

There are many consequences to having dampened our sensitivity in order to protect ourselves internally. Aside from the physical consequences for the individual that can lead to disease, the effect that I am addressing here is the loss of being able to keep our presence centered, and the consequences of that. It is this aspect in particular that needs rectifying for us to be able reclaim our sovereign selves in alignment with Source. 

When you are not able to be present to and absorb your own experience, your flow of Source energy is contorted, thus distorting your perceptions and proceptions*. Source energy, which should be nourishing you, is rejected and deflected out into reality. This un-absorbed, disowned Source energy then becomes available for other entities to absorb (Loosh). This has been taken advantage of, even to the extreme, by entities that have separated themselves from Source. This becomes functional in what is known as the Luciferian model. 

The Luciferian model proposes that the individual is completely self-sourcing, that there is no higher truth, thus they are law unto themselves only. This is a distortion and severe limitation of what sovereignty truly should mean. The Luciferian “sovereign” only has power within the realm in which it identifies, and it is limited in and to that. These beings have divorced themselves from the supreme support of the Infinite Intelligence that is Source Energy Consciousness. Having no direct access to this absolutely nourishing Source energy, these beings must then seek nourishment from within the realm in which they identify. In this 3D realm of our horizontal reality, this means they must feed on other beings, i.e. us

In the Luciferian model we supply the source energy (Loosh) that is being fed upon. We are intentionally kept off of our centers through pulls and pushes from the horizontal feeding motive. Being off balance results in energy loss, creating distorted realities. Our attention is forced to attend to what is off center, which because of our lack of inner sensitivity and fear of experience, tries to correct itself by depending on support from the horizontal outside as well. Our energy gets projected out and we then become culpable in the feeding through giving away our power. If you have inner sensitivity this can be corrected by trusting inner gravity that can bring you back to center and heal the disruptions. But our inner dampening of course makes this more difficult.

The Source energy that they feed upon from the horizontal comes through the disowned energy that flows through our unbalanced and uncentered attention. Our attention is a focalizing lens, a nozzle through which flows our own Source energy fields. If that nozzle is outer directed through the distortions of our protective tension fields and the addiction of the social programming, then the flow becomes distorted, diminished and even toxic. The Luciferian can never get enough food since this disowned energy is toxic to begin with. It will never truly nourish what needs nourishing. That only comes through direct access in vertical alignment.

The ability of the individual to absorb Source energy directly is a vertical relationship to reality. In this verticality you can trust gravity to hold you, for the harmonizing intelligence of the infinite natural universe is supporting you. It is the most efficient use of your energy since it takes very little effort to surrender to the support of gravity, although for those who have developed an inordinate number of tension fields, even this can prove difficult. This verticality aligns all your sense perceptions into your personal experience. Your highly sensitive nature is safe since with the support of Source you can absorb, digest and metabolize the energy and heal. 

This verticality also aligns us into the nested and fractal scaling of the greater reality. This all happens naturally, with elegant innate intelligence, that is absorbed, digested and metabolized into the centered self. If surrendered to with full attention, then the power of clear proception is gained. Realizing this will help us regain responsibility with what is happening. We take back our power by coming back to our senses. This is reclamation of self sovereignty and a kind of soul retrieval. This sovereignty is nourished and informed in the pure reception of Source.

The Luciferian model has no access to this level of harmonizing verticality since it has divorced itself from Source. Instead, it gets “nourishment” horizontality only. This effort to feed its unquenchable hunger by sucking on and controlling the horizontal reality creates chaotic distortions in the 3D realm. In its extreme expressions it becomes cannibalistic and vampiric, but there are many other expressions along a vast spectrum, from perpetrator to victim, and in how the cycle is perpetuated. 

The enslavement paradigm that is dominant at this time is being run by the Luciferian model. Those that have gained power through this paradigm cultivate the imbalance and outer focus of the populace to guarantee their energy supply. This enslavement has been massively entrenched into our world through long term social programming and entrainment taking advantage of our fearful, traumatized selves. The real challenge is to reclaim our sovereign self in alignment with nourishment direct from Source, and withdraw from feeding these programs.

Even without this Luciferian model having become the current dominant paradigm, we would still be challenged enough in the 3D realm to cultivate our inner sovereignty. For the individual, the intensity of experiencing horizontal 3D is enough to cause energy loss just through our own undeveloped courage to receive our own sensitivity. Incarnation is intense, in any paradigm. It requires a certain strength of spine (read: vertical) to develop our inner sovereignty. It’s a mighty big universe, there’s an awe-full lot to experience, and we are but children in the vastness. Fortunately, developing this level of receptivity has a grande, ecstatic reward. Totally worth it. Becoming adults that have the presence to face a larger unknown is our destiny.

Becoming adults that have the presence to face a larger unknown is our destiny.

It is conceivable that within the true laws of a reflective universe that is serving our soul growth, within which we cannot truly be separated from Source, it may actually be that it is our own unwillingness to absorb the intensity of our experience that is creating the opening for the Luciferian model to occur in the first place. At any time we may cultivate our courage to absorb, digest and metabolize what we experience; then we can disengage from the horizontal Luciferian pull and be nourished once again directly from Mother/Father Source. This is the challenge that is really going on here. May we be up for it!

*Proception: I have coined this word to fill a gap in the Scepter Cycle of perception, reception, inception, conception, and proception, and then back to perception, etc. Proception refers to the inner conceptions being projected back out into reality, but with an aspect of agency to influence that reality. Exception and deception can also be part of this cycle, in conjunction with the point in the cycle of proception. 

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