Crop Circles

Marién Grace has been the Director of the Bay Area Crop Circle Study Group (BACCSG) since 2009.

Her passion for crop circles is a natural consequence of her deep interest in sacred geometries and an expanded understanding of the universe. She has avidly been following the phenomenon since the mid-90s, and has traveled to England to personally experience them twice.

Although interested in all aspects of what the crop circles show us, scientifically, mathematically and socially, her highest enthusiasm lies in consciousness studies and the interface therein. She does not shy away from studying the deeper implications, and shares her insights at her groups and public talks. Some of her public work can be viewed on one of her two Youtube channels, CropCircleGrace, or can be accessed through the Vlog on this website.  Here is one sample, Crop Circles-Going Beyond Duality, that relates more specifically to embodied sacred geometry.

Please become a member of the BACCSG on, or signup for notification from the email list through the form at right. You can peruse through the archive of past meetings to see where our contemplations have ranged. Meetings are casual and engaging, sometimes with guest speakers, and always with thought provoking subject matter.

Under this page you will find an on-going blog for Marién where she waxes forth on this subject, as well as the vlog for videos.

May your life be full and rich with grand insight and possibility!