Recommended Links

There is a vast amount of information on the web to inform and inspire one’s assimilation of Embodied Sacred Geometry. The list below is a fluctuating field of links that are expanding and rocking my sacred geometric consciousness.

The Resonance Science Foundation and Nassim Haramein

The Resonance Science Foundation is the public website for physicist Nassim Haramein and his brilliant associates. In addition to conducting very advanced research (e.g. into gravity control!), the website hosts a vast array of current interesting articles and courses.

I can also thoroughly recommend that you become a member or Delegate of the Resonance Academy, where you will get a lay-persons education in physics. If you are willing to spend the time and become a Delegate, while also being privy to their vanguard courses you will also be invited to exclusive trips and events with Nassim and faculty to sacred sites around the world. YES!

Robert Edward Grant

Robert Edward Grant is a brilliant polymath with impressive credentials, but his edge that is most feeding me are his NEW discoveries in unified mathematics. He is on the faculty of the Resonance Academy and has offered courses there that are mind-blowing and will rearrange your world.

From his website: (Robert) has multiple publications in unified mathematics and physics related to his discoveries of quasi-prime numbers (a new classification for prime numbers), the world’s first predictive algorithm determining infinite prime numbers, and a unification wave-based theory connecting and correlating fundamental mathematical constants such as Pi, Euler, Alpha, Gamma and Phi.

Knew Geometry and the work of George Leoniak

George Leoniak is invigorating the field of geometry through his ground breaking work with incorporating golden ratios into classic sacred geometry drawing. He is offering a profound and deep education from basic to advanced. Highly recommended.

Jitterbug Defined Polyhedra: The Shape and Dynamics of Space by Robert W. Gray Oct. 25-26, 2001

A great primer on the relationships among the Platonic polyhedra. Good little animations showing how they move, and morph into and around each other. This work was deeply informed by the discovery of the Mereon Matrix (see below). Please visit any of the other pages on his website for more insight.

The Mereon Matrix and the work of Lynnclaire Dennis

Lynnclaire Dennis discovered the Pattern knot, the underlying dynamic of all unity in diversity, during a Near Death Experience. This website carries incredible inspiration. The Mereon Matrix takes some time to assimilate. The website for Robert W. Gray listed above helps in the understanding of the geometries involved.’s homepage has incredible movies demonstrating the matrix in action.

Marko Rodin on Vortex Based Mathematics

This first link gives you a website overview, but if you search Marko Rodin’s name, please visit any of the other websites or YouTubes about his work.

The second link above is the YouTube channel video list of Marko Rodin. Tasty!

Frank Chester and the Chestahedron

Frank Chester has discovered another incredibly elegant geometry that combines 3 and 4, or the tetrahedron and the dynamics of 7. The link above is the home page for Frank’s organization, New Form Technology. For a good overview, watch one of his many videos on YouTube, or read the article in Science to Sage International eMagazine by Seth Miller, Ph. Dc.

Science to Sage International eMagazine

This eZine is mentioned in the listing for Frank Chester above, and incredibly, the July 2013 issue is devoted to all of the above recommended reading, plus a few other stellar articles. Other issues are equally intriguing. This online magazine is well worth the membership on

TubeTorusTV – YouTube Channel of Dan Winter

The Purpose of DNA/Dan Winter (YouTube)

Dan Winter

The first link above is Dan Winter’s YouTube channel. The second link is a particular video of Dan very carefully and brilliantly elucidating the all-pervading Phi ratio self-organizing truth that is functioning through the DNA and the heart, plus much more! There are many videos and interviews of Dan that are more or less dense or absorbable. But he is playful and poetic while traveling along very esoteric and practical information.

Dan Winter has several websites with massive link surfing for our infusion of deep knowledge: