Alchemy of the Apocalypse

Alchemy of the Apocalypse, A Seminar and Workshop Transforming Self into the Elixir of Love!

Apocalypse: from the Ancient Greek meaning to Unveil, Uncover, Reveal

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The true meaning of the word “apocalypse” is to unveil that which has been hidden. What has most been veiled from us is the truth of being the magnificent creators that we are. 

In Alchemy of the Apocalypse, Marién Grace pulls back the curtain on the shadows that have been cast from the story portrayed in the Book of Revelation, and in using the understandings gleaned from Alchemy, shows how this material can all be redeemed for our Good.

The Book of Revelation is not a prophecy! The revelation’s best intent is to show us how a fear-based disowned response to the intensity of the times plays out — as counsel, as warning, not as inevitability. This truth can be understood from viewing the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse through the fresh lens that Marién is bringing forth.

In this seminar, Marién Grace’s guidance will help you to recognize how we, ourselves may be susceptible to this misguided panic, and how the immense power of Alchemy can contain and transmute these fears.

Alchemy provides us with practical context and intuitive steps for bringing trust and presence into the center of our Crucible, our Self identified as Source.

All can be redeemed. We can become the Philosopher’s Stone!

710a8b8e5ec5The Apocalypse, as presented in the Book of Revelation, is not a prophecy, but rather a portrayal of a fear-based mindset that projects a particular unfoldment of a catastrophic timeline if adhered to. This mindset has a programmed hold in our collective psyche and is in need of transformation.

Alchemy can provide us with functional knowledge of how to transmute these dense energies and concretizations that are toxic for our species, our planet and our time.

Recognition of the fear program, consideration of the crucible, and allowing the fire of life force to temper these densities ultimately produces The Philosopher’s Stone, a substance that transmutes all that it contacts into expressions of Truth and Beauty.

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 2.20.52 PMAlchemy of the Apocalypse brings exciting perspective and masterful understanding of how we can proceed into the unveiling (the true meaning of the word Apocalypse) and realign our Selves, our Planet and our Time with LOVE.

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At Alchemy of the Apocalypse you will hear exciting new commentary on the Book of Revelation that exposes its content as projection from a distorted and misguided lens on the universe. Marién shares insights from deep and subtle investigations into how to alchemize one’s fears and projections, and provides you with opportunities for your own personal unveilings.

The introductory seminar is an exhilarating dive into Alchemy, Apocalypse, and Revelation, initiating our consideration of how we hold these powerful memes, personally and collectively. The workshop provides a container for you to deeply explore your own relationship to fear and deception, and learn ways to alchemize these energies to move toward Love. We will engage in meditations, inner work, and sharing of insights for the purpose of being able to transmute imbalances into fuel for Life. To learn more about the workshop and/or register, go to or click the schedule of seminars & workshops.

Attending the seminars and workshops will  strengthen your full sacred presence to be fearless in the face of fear. From here we can enable dissolution of configurations that draw unwanted realities into being, and fuel the mighty power that each of us is. Becoming fluid in this capacity is essential for moving into the new paradigm of Infinitely Aligned and Loving Presence.

To learn more, visit the blog for articles on these subjects under the Alchemy of the Apocalypse menu item: AotA Articles.

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