Some Consciousness that’s needed NOW

The Consciousness that is needed NOW: October 29, 2020

The recording above is a kind of transmission that just came through, and I feel a need to get this out NOW. The following writing is inspired by the recording, but is not the same information. The transmission continues below.

If ever there was a time when we need some perspective, NOW IS IT. We may be saying this for quite a while to come, but this need has certainly become critical NOW.

It’s just before the election, and almost full moon on Halloween. In the astrology, Uranus is conjunct this full moon. The whole chart is powerful.

Recognize that everyone wants something worthy. At a deep level, we are all wanting both Freedom AND Safety, and the system makes us seem to need to believe that you must choose one or the other, but you can’t have both. It is only because we haven’t become mature enough that we believe that lie. Wake up from this falsehood! We are capable of being mature enough to create both freedom AND safety. We need to be more sensitive and respectful to grow and understand that authentically.

Acknowledge what you know you don’t want. Do not project this onto any particular personality (read: candidate), someone that you imagine will be the fulfillment of creating it or fighting it. Recognize your point in the program from the inside, your own creative, infinite spark of being that is your configuration of yourself and your motivations and desires that dynamically reconfigure you every moment. Can you come into more consciousness of how you are moving in your own engagement with what is happening, your own responses to it? It is from there that you see your own responsibility in this creation. This can be completely devastating for the ego, and care must be taken to allow all your grief while not going into despair, so that you don’t lose your inner knowing that you are something so much more than what you imagine(d) yourself to be, and you have the potential to be ecstatic. The same can be said of the planet.

Our anger at the program that has compressed us and concealed its predatory intentions is now at the point of all chains being broken. It is you who is being potentially released, but you have become quite stiff and cramped into certain postures of being that will take a lot of gentle but determined stretching and oiling to become healthy again. And each of us needs to be generating that healthy intention. I’m speaking here both literally and symbolically.

If you become centered and balanced, trusting the order of the Whole One Universe in which you are entirely embedded, then you can relax and develop patience to open to greater revelation from your engagement with the unknown. This is consciousness expanding, right from where you are. Now that’s what’s possible. We are growing a new skill of conscious engagement, and we need our full attention to do this well. If we do it well, everything will change. This is a moment of chaotic release of long, long, LONG held tension, and it is going to challenge us to keep our balance and keep breathing. We want to harness the release of energy in a way that it can be nourishing for the whole. It is a lot of energy and we need the spaciousness of a much greater whole to support this expansion of energy so that it can reform into a beautiful bloom of greater beauty and creative intelligence in which it is capable. This intention needs to be strong because of the level of force pulling us off of this is also strong. But the negative force is only strong in this cramped space, and has been based on rules that don’t apply in the larger reality. If we get bigger, if we realized how much bigger we each are as powerful conscious beings, and how much bigger REALITY is too, then the amount of power needed to resist that urge to run the old toxic program and start opening to a better reality is guaranteed.

A big part to realize in this new configuration of reality, in the awakening planetary consciousness from which you are not separate, is that in this much larger space WE ARE NO LONGER STUCK TO OLD PATTERNS, nor are we stuck in any emerging pattern! It can all be re-written at any time with strong intent. Agreement in community has been a strong intending force and still is. This force was usurped in our enslavement. But the community is expanding and we really need healthy maturing relationships, all our relations. The old toxic intentions that were hypnotically induced and have become perpetuated are now being clarified and we are waking up to what we don’t want, what we think we see, what we know we do want and how much we haven’t had it, how we have been relating to all that, and what is actually possible.

What we do want is potentially real, and potentially ecstatic. We each generate a powerful spark that influences and motivates what emerges into manifestation. Can you understand that directly? I’m suggesting a kind of consciousness martial art, that comes to really see the environment clearly and how one is navigating in it, and takes responsibility in having that navigation be a good journey that is nourishing for all. Those are the masters I would trust here.


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