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Some Consciousness that’s needed NOW

The recording above is a kind of transmission that just came through, and I feel a need to get this out NOW. The following writing is inspired by the recording, but is not the same information. The transmission continues below. … Continue reading


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The Scepter Cycle

In my effort to understand the dynamics of consciousness, I have discovered a cyclic flow of information through the self and reality. I call this dynamic The Scepter Cycle. A scepter is a staff held by a sovereign being as … Continue reading

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What is “The Crucible?”

Who, Where and How We Are functions through geometric, harmonic Law. The functional concept of The Crucible In classical alchemy, a crucible is the retort, the container, used for containing and processing dark, dense substances into refined, useful material. The … Continue reading

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The Philosopher’s Stone or It’s All Motivated by Love

The ultimate result of realized Alchemy is the transfiguration of density into what has been called The Elixir or The Philosopher’s Stone. The Philosopher’s Stone is a substance that is pure, incorruptible, and transforms everything with which it comes into … Continue reading


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