The Philosopher’s Stone or It’s All Motivated by Love

The ultimate result of realized Alchemy is the transfiguration of density into what has been called The Elixir or The Philosopher’s Stone. The Philosopher’s Stone is a substance that is pure, incorruptible, and transforms everything with which it comes into contact into expressions of Truth and Beauty.

Our intention in Alchemy of the Apocalypse is to transmute densities in Consciousness, specifically our Fears and our deeply held projections of a catastrophic Apocalypse.

The Apocalypse, as presented in the Book of Revelation, is not a prophecy, but rather a portrayal of a fear-based mindset that projects a particular unfoldment of a catastrophic timeline if adhered to. This mindset has a programmed hold in our collective psyche and is in need of transformation. Alchemy provides us with functional knowledge of how to transmute the dense energies and concretizations that are toxic for our species, our planet and our time.

The serpent wraps herself protectively around her copper egg. This photo was taken using my polecam (a high tech remotely-triggered window-washing pole) from about 15 feet off the ground.

What is the best container for enacting this transmutation? The best crucible for personal Alchemy is the Self identified as Source. A Self identified and aligned with Source will be a Self aligned in Love.

As the alchemical processes proceed, the crucible/container (i.e. the Self) undergoes transmutation at the same time as the densities and fears being transformed.

Recognition of the dense fear program, consideration of the crucible, and allowing the fire of life force to temper and transform the densities in our field ultimately produces The Philosopher’s Stone, a substance that transmutes all that it contacts into expressions of Truth and Beauty.

We wish to carry a resonance that is untarnished and pure, that resonates love into everything around us, and out into the world. We want to be able to stand clear and clean in the face of all that seems misguided or foul, keeping our integrity no matter what. The philosophers stone that we are looking to produce is the transformed Self, aligned with Loving Source. We don’t want to have to carry around a philosopher’s stone. We want to BE the Philosopher’s Stone, that in transforming ourselves we transform the world.



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