“But isn’t it bad to think about it?”

Does the idea of the Apocalypse arouse fear in you? Does the thought of even considering the idea of the Apocalypse arouse fear in you?

With all the Law of Attraction types of teaching we have absorbed, we have trained ourselves to be vigilant with our thought processes. Misguidance can arise when we do this without it being integrated with our whole being.

scaffold-85The thoughts are much less powerful than the heart-field, which is a physical/emotional magnetic resonator. Thoughts are scaffolding upon which the current of the electro-magnetic feeling roams and creates. If we address only a single angle of a complex structure of thought process then we leave ourselves unbalanced trying to hold up a stasis that has become unstable. The whole complex has many angles of configuration that are upheld by the magnetics of feelings, no matter how flimsy the original thought scaffolding was.

Unveiling (the true meaning of the word “apocalypse”) the functioning of the mental/emotional/physical/spiritual creative process is a result of the alchemical engagement with life. There are functional practices of re-wiring the brain that are perfectly worthy being offered these days, but if you continue to unwittingly have thoughts that you consciously or unconsciously are contracting from, then learning how to face them fearlessly and allow them to unravel is good therapy.

In personal alchemy, the fire of introspection under the crucible of the contained self encourages the surfacing of buried material. This dense material of entangled emotions, thoughts and tensions can then begin to separate into their component parts for clarification, filtration, and reclaiming of the worthy elements back into harmony with the Self.

With reharmonization new relationships can be forged that encourage love on all levels. Self harmony resonates into reality and aligns with the greater Intent of Truth and Beauty. This is when magic and mastery conjoin for the benefit of All.


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