The Phi Ratio Moment, or The Phibbon

The Phi Ratio Moment is the Now within a Fibonacci-like string of relating past to present to get the next future. This Phi ratio is the harmonic ratio that integrates all fields, through dimensions, into more and more ripples of harmony.

More important than the specific sequence of numbers that are associated with the Fibonacci series is the process involved: adding the previous to the present to produce the next, and repeat.  The next becomes the new present that is added to the previous present to produce the next next. And so on. It is a fact that you can begin with any two numbers and by applying this dynamic process to it, Phi ratios will inevitably result. Try it! After a few repetitions of the process, divide the present by the past and you will see that the result approaches 1.6180339887… with ever greater accuracy as the process continues.

The pulsing string is a kind of ribbon on a ripple that has a harmonizing property. Lets give it a name: the Phibbon!

The Phibbon moves in a pulsing rhythm. This is part of its harmonizing nature. When one strings together Phibonacci-like processing of points through the Phibbon, then the resulting ratios of sequenced results pass continually and more accurately closer to true Phi over time, alternating pulse-like through greater than and less than the increasingly defined differential with more and more depth and finesse.  This dance of more than and less than defines the two sides of the ribbon that is the Phibbon. The Phibbon is a harmonizing dance of exploration of duality.

Because Phi is an “irrational number” it is continually finding more definition as the universe expands. Mathematically, one can always add another decimal point of definition. Each decimal point is a further full range of detail to include.Ribbons, Stonehenge, 4 July 2002

The Phibbon becomes fractal by understanding that any point on the Phibbon knows where it has been and all influences on its position. If new influences are introduced along the Phibbon then the Phibbon becomes alive and supple and rippling in the waves of influence. Are Phibbons sentient? If attention inhabits any point of the Phibbon then new influences can be incorporated into the pulsing flow.

The Phibbon develops naturally in time with attention in the widened present moment. When the focus of attention includes what is passing with what is arrising, one can witness the developing integration of experience into harmonic expansion.



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