Now that we have referenced the whOle Point / ZerOne and the Torus, and noticed how Two is already implicit in this, let’s explore Two further.

When the center point, i.e. you or me, focuses on any aspect differentiated from itself, this point creates a line from center to edge: a radius line. These radii are radiating in every direction creating and connecting to our environment. These lines are each able to be focused upon, with a point at each end. A line is a connector between two points. Thus a single line also is a description of Two. Paradoxically, the graphic representation of the number One can be written as a single line, already expressing the two ends that are connected.

It is all holographically embedded!Clary sage

Another function that is inherent in the whOle Point / ZerOne / torus field is the axis through the center point that is perpendicular to the widest plane of the torus field. The torus has a vertical axis that runs through the center. This axis is a line that immediately references Two: up and down. This Two is the primary directional orientation.

As seen already in my post “How Many Ways Can You Say ‘Torus’?”, Two is inherent in the ZerOne, as inside/outside, center/edge, and now the up/down of the center axis. This center axis is also the line that extends through the sense of vertical in our bodies. This center axis allows an extended sense of center, a line along which many points may extend a circle plane, and a new torus field. For instance, along our vertical axis with dual symmetry extends the right and left side of our body. The various planes of functioning hang off this center axis, such as our hips, shoulders, ears, etc. This axis allows us to find our sense of balance. Even our chakra system can be seen this way.

The vertical line through our body is directly connected to the center of our planet Earth, and is easily felt as a Ray of Gravity. We are each a point at the end of a line that is connected to the center point of the planet. Thus we see that it is along this connecting line of Two, which is a single line, that we extend our sense of scale. Let your attention follow any line into any dimension, and you will see that this direct connection of You and That is single.

Another aspect that flows out of Two is Time. Traveling along a line from one point to another creates a pulse of point to point. It is lines that connect points; it is time that flows through lines. It is focus that creates lines that allow sequences of travel. As sequences of Two points, lines connect as time. It is a simultaneous Third point that allows perspective, and the possibility of seeing beyond the limits of linearity.

And now we invoke Three! But that is subject matter for another post.


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