How many ways can you say “Torus”?

2004Basic RGBFrom the whOle Point, ZerOne, speck-in-the-center-of-a-circle symbol, we are already referenced into Two. For instance, we have center and edge. Inside and Outside. We have a priori the implication of differentiation. The moment the circle is drawn, and remember that you cannot draw a circle without a reference to center, we have created a differentiation. In fact, we even have already referenced Three: Inside, Outside and Edge. And take it one further, we already have referenced Four:  Inside, Outside, Edge and Center! That is without drawing any other lines.

Could we keep going?

All geometries are already referenced in this whOle Point ZerOne symbol, especially if one understands that this symbol is actually a representation of the Torus field. The Torus shape is the sphere with an axis hole, or donut shape, that is dynamically spinning and revolving into, out of and through its center point. All points on the skin of the Torus emerge from center and return to center. This collapsing, expanding, breathing field has all other numbers and geometries dancing through, relating to each other with exquisite, elegant, cosmic choreography.

Remember that the Point references any center of attention, i.e. You or Me. Each living being is the center of a toroidal field of reference. Our own existence fundamentally references inside/outside, center/edge, up/down as the vertical axis wHole through the center of the spherical torus. Everything emerges from and returns to here.

What other ways can you say “Torus”?

target-arrowThe target with the arrow at center is a good descriptor. And if you 322px-Mandel_zoom_00_mandelbrot_setimagine a sphere with the 1 Arrow plunging into center, then the sphere gets distorted with the two lobes on top from the side view. What does this remind you of? It is the fundamental form in the Mandelbrot Set, that fractal mathematical figure that has so influenced our perception of reality since its discovery.

Does this remind you of something else? There is another form with two lobes at top, one that directly alludes to our relationship to this torus field. It is the heart symbol, with two lobes cleaving the sphere and joining at a point on the bottom. The heart is another representation of the torus.

The figure 8 is another obvious choice of how to say “Torus”. Lay the donut on its side and slice in cross-section and you see the 8 on its side: ∞ : the infinite symbol. The Torus is the ultimate symbol for infinite creation and recreation.

Other symbols that seem to say “Torus”:

How about the exclamation point:  !   Or the question mark:  ?

Is your imagination being stimulated? Look around you. How about that lampshade?  Maybe your shirt? What about the chair? Or that peach? Fruits are natural contenders and obviously toroidal.

That all the geometries are included in the torus field is especially exemplified by the work of Lynnclaire Dennis on the Mereon Matrix and also by Marko Rodin’s work on Vortex Mathematics. Both are capturing information about the fundamental creative structure of Life. In particular on the Mereon website, visit the page about the Human Heart, and if you have the time, watch the appended YouTube about the newly realized structure of the heart muscle itself. Just another incredible way to say “Torus”!


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