Before leaving for Africa, some considerations

(The following was written about two weeks before leaving for Africa, upon realizing that I had really not considered why I would go on such a trip beyond being of service to my mother’s dream. But I was going to Africa! Surely this was worthy of deeper contemplation.)

What is motivating wanting to travel to Africa, or to travel anywhere for that matter? Is it based on wanting to stimulate the mental part, emotional part, physical part, or spiritual part? Am I wanting to learn something? Am I thrill seeking? Do I just want to have a good time with family and friends? Am I hoping to expand spiritually? Or is this just a glorified zoo and entertainment trip?

This trip was the dream of my mother. She wanted to experience Safari, and so this trip was organized. I imagine her answer to the above questions is more on the family-friends/entertainment spectrum.

For myself, I am most interested in the spiritual aspect. I realize this evening that I had not been thinking about where I am going. Not much beyond animals, luxury lodges, and the vague possibility of meeting a shaman. Tonight I realized that Africa is an ancient land that has tremendous cultural, human history. Who are the people that live on this land? What is the energetic memory of the land itself? It must be very very old and powerful. What is the culture of the people there? How do they relate to each other and to the land? Is there a qualitative difference in their perception?

Be interested in the people, Marien. Be friendly with your eyes and heart open. Be astute if you need to be cautious. But go with the majority of yourself in your heart. Be not afraid and move with genuine open interest.

Will Africa be a well honed mirror for me? Or will it be so different that I am unable to see my likeness in it? Actually, I do not believe it is possible for it not to be a mirror. Mirroring is the nature of reality.


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