ZerO/One : The whOle Point

The only geometry you really need is the Point.

We each are a point. Every locus of attention is a central point in the universe. Each point of attention is a center of Source consciousness. Every Point is exploring a sacred path of Source intent. Your sense of Self is a Source point in this omnicentric universe.

The Point is visually symbolized as a dot. The fundamental geometry is this point. All other geometries are only collections of these points in various relationships.

The point is also omni-symmetrical, symbolized visually as circular. The circle is also ZerO. The ZerO is nothing precisely because it is absolutely everything. ZerO is no independent thing. How indicative that the word ZerO begins with the last letter of the alphabet, demonstrating an understanding of the whole of the platform on which communication is based, a whole pattern, to refer to a circle which we call Zero. Zero ends with the letter O, the circle symbol used to represent it. The word One also begins with this O, this Zero, this circle. This relationship of One to the whOle is reflective of the circle and the point. I call this glyph of the Point surrounded by the circle the whOle Point. Or perhaps we should call it ZerOne (zeer-won).

The basic symbol of the point inside of a circle is the fundamental representation of the whOle Point: the Point relating to a whOle, or the Self to a Reality.

This symbol of the circle around the point is a fractal glyph. The circle is the fractal expression of the point. The circle is the point at the next level of scale. The One (the Point) and the ZerO are the same, from different perspectives.

This whOle Point symbol is also a simple, overhead portrayal of the torus field. The torus field is fundamental to the whOle Point. Literally and metaphorically, all points on the circle are equally accessible to the center point. In the torus field, all points return to the center point through the spiral rotation of the field, and re-emerge into the circle. This expresses the ZerO/One (ZerOne) where everything is One with all.

This is the also the fundamental paradox, where 0 and 1 are the binary pair, and yet they are also the same expression. There are so many paradoxical transformations in this symbol. The point speck in the center of the circle can be imagined as nothing and the circle as symbolizing everything. And yet the circle is our symbol for Zero and the point is also a symbol of One. The numeric symbol “1” is an arrow that has a point, and balances on a point. When the arrow hits the target we have the whOle Point once again, the dot in the middle of the circle.

When I say that the Point is really the only geometry you need, experientially finding the Point of your center Self brings everything back to you. This is an extremely powerful meditation. Some call it finding your center. Knowing that this point is also the whOle, the whOle Point, allows this experience of center to expand to include your entire field. There is nothing that is not included. This torus field will bring you back to your Self. You cannot get lost. You can get there from here. You can get here from there. Here and there are the same whOle Point. The whOle Point is You in Source Consciousness, and Source Consciousness as You.




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