In The Beginning: The Radiant Point

I have discovered that the geometry we know as a point surrounded by the circle is the fundamental geometry, and is primary to each one of us. It is primary to every point of consciousness, and may be all the geometry we need.

This geometry describes each of us at our center, and relates us to every other point, directly. There is nothing in the way, no distortion, no angles between the I at center and all other points at edge. There is a line, a radius, that is the simple, direct connection of the central point, the I, to every point on the circle, or if you wish to consider three dimensionally, from the I point at center to every point on the sphere.

If I can embody this understanding, then I can find myself in the center of the universe, directly connected to everything in it. There need not be an intermediary. It is possible to stand sovereign and simultaneously related to All.

There are certain rays connected to my center that help me find balance. The vertical radius that connects my I point center to the center of the planet is particularly helpful for my body to function here. This radius is connected to my center and to Earth’s center, and is felt simply and directly through the pull of gravity.

I find the personal implications of this geometry to be profound. There is nothing that I cannot connect to directly. The question arises: how big will I let myself be? The lines of connection become clear through simply being aware, and stronger by giving attention. The radius becomes radiant through the ray of attention. The more radii I am aware of, the more full is my sphere of attention.


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