Opening Circle: What is meant by “Sacred”?

We must examine carefully the words we are using, especially the label that I’ve given to this particular circle: embodied sacred geometry. Each one of those words may mean something different to each of us. We need to consciously and conscientiously discern the different facets of these words that we think we know, words we have assumed and never questioned. How is geometry sacred? We hear these words “sacred geometry” all the time but what is meant by that? Why are certain geometries considered sacred? What does sacred mean in other contexts?

I looked up “sacred” in the dictionary and was dissatisfied with every one of its definitions. I don’t want to the word to be dogmatic. Sacred is something that is understood and known directly. What is sacred aligns our perception to open to greater understanding. That which is sacred aligns us with love, truth and beauty, at deeper and higher and broader fractal levels. The Sacred acknowledges the union with Source at each and every point, uniquely for each individual. That which is sacred allows us to see directly the whole in its harmonic truth. The sacred is something we recognize experientially. It activates growth.  It is creative, novel life force. It has an intent that is motivated by love. Sacred space will inspire this. Sacred ideas will align us with us. Sacred geometry activates this.

The Sacred Geometries are alignments that bring us back to center and describe truth and beauty through multidimensionality. Embodying Sacred Geometries allows us to be informed in our lives by the alignments toward truth and beauty. In embodying the Sacred Geometries, consciousness is engaged through your body temple, the fulcrum for your spirit of embedded dimensions into this earthly realm.

Geometry is structure around which dynamics of consciousness influence and create realities. How do we recognize the geometries already active in us and find alignment with the Sacred? Belief systems are geometrical. Their geometries are usually complex, compound collections of many facets, each facet being a different “law” of the system, usually based on fear. These complex geometries create murky assumption fields that blur our vision. Consciousness can use the alignments of the sacred geometries to discern misalignments and encourage realignment. Embodied Sacred Geometries foster perception of both misalignments and alignment.  The fractal nature of the Sacred Geometries allows the misalignments to find alignment on another level of scale. In paraphrasing Einstein, you will not be able to solve a problem on the same level from which it was created. Embodying Sacred Geometry opens up vistas into higher levels of perspective. The sacred geometries are harmonically balanced, helping us align with the truth and beauty in our lives.


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