Holographic Mindfulness

As I begin to express the many inspirations that emerge through contemplating the principles of Embodied Sacred Geometry, I am finding that the elements are continually embedding into each other and emerging from each other.

The Zero and the One become the same expression, morphing through the torus field into the whOle Point. The 1 becomes a line that connects two points; the one point connects two lines that are the arrow of the 1. Two emerges from 1. Duality flows out of ZerO as the circle separates inner from outer. 

Language is holographically embedding these meanings as though the imprint of truth could not be separated from even the shapes of the letters and their compounded flow into words. As expressed in the blog post Zero/One: the whOle Point, the word Zero begins with the last letter of the alphabet, indicating a knowledge of the whole, even while paradoxically meaning nothing. This necessitates a new appreciation for the meaning of “Zero”. The circle that completes the word also encompasses the whole. The word “One” is like a birth, “ne” from the Latin meaning birth, combined with the O of the ZerO. This language is so artful, if only we pay attention.

Observing in this way awakens the holographic mind, where meaning is embedded in all directions, giving us aligning features for orienting in our reality. More will always be eternally revealed as this journey into Embodied Sacred Geometry continues.

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