Expansion and Contraction or Love and Fear

Dynamic movement in 3D can be reduced down to a polarity of Expansion/Contraction.

From the point of view of direct experience, we can feel this expansion or contraction energetically. It is felt as tension (contraction) or release and growth (expansion). Because we are dynamic, living creatures, movement is pulsing continuously. This natural pulsing feels expansive if it is allowed and engaged with freely, and feels contractive if resisted or suppressed.

These dynamics applied to the language of the emotional body can be seen as Love and Fear. Love encourages expansion and Fear engages contraction. Love and Fear are Expansion and Contraction in their most elemental and basic energetic dynamic.

It is true from a larger point of view that it is all Love. The very fact that life pulses unceasingly is proof that Love is All. Everything is motivated by Love. Every Fear is actually only misguided Love. Fear desires ease and release, but is misguided in how to achieve it.

These words are true, but unless you know them directly, they are only platitudes. Allow yourself to feel directly; this is where the action is. It is with the sensate energetic fields being felt directly that creation takes place. Being able to perceive if your energy field is expanding or contracting is the first step in being able to become an intentional co-creator. This is where the money drops, where the juice is, where mastery lies.

TheOctaveWaveIn nature, the dynamics of moving energy always include a pulse, which is actually an elliptic spiral. The natural dynamic of expansion is not a uniform, homogenous expansive rate. Because the pulse is actually an elliptic spiral, the flow initiates a momentum of expansion, then a slowing or diminishment of the pace, then repeats. The spiral is related to a central axis, and that central axis is an energetic pulse that is a spiral expansion on another scale. In the elliptic spiraling around the axis, it moves out from center and then closer to center in a pulsing rhythm.

In its exalted form, the movement back towards center is akin to surrender to a higher order, where moving out from center is a creative act of engagement of that higher axis order.

The slowing or diminishment of the creative thrust is not to be seen as fear contracting, although because we do not understand the natural dynamic we may misunderstand it in that way. When fear comes into this dynamic natural pattern, then control is attempted to be applied to the dynamic, especially on the core higher order, which is basically impossible to control from the axis of which the fear is being directed.

I see this as a fractal pattern of spirals, all embedded on each other, with the largest spirals as the divine universal (or beyond) intent.

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