Alchemy of Fear: The Container

In the alchemical model, “leaden” substance is contained in a crucible or retort for processing and purification into “gold”.

In the metaphor of spiritual alchemy, the “lead” is a heavy vibratory field, or dense, tight energy with little movement potential. The first step even before containment, is recognition of the lead that needs to be transformed. The lead I am concerning myself with here is our projection of fear that unwittingly feeds the collective apocalyptic disaster scenario. Clearly this is in need of deep transformation.

c5289ca69bd9c14fd08d80cda056667aFor alchemy to proceed, this particular “lead” needs for us to find the proper crucible in which to contain it, and that crucible is the manifest self. It is the multivalent body, which includes the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual that through the alchemical process becomes aligned in a cosmic attunement of transfiguration.

The container on the physical and emotional levels is the physical body which responds to the emotional body through chemical and energetic waves. The container on the mental and spiritual levels requires responsibility and ownership of one’s projections, and a willingness to retain in the retort of self-responsibility the impurities that arise for further alchemical distillation.

The fire under the crucible of the self is fed by the intensity of energy that is available for the alchemical process, as long as we are not letting it be usurped by Fear. To make this apparent and available is the primary reason for the Alchemy of the Apocalypse seminar, and then to provide further steps into the alchemical transfiguration through the workshop.

This is a direct process of self transformation that ultimately can allow us to stay aligned in the intensity of high energy transformation that is our evolutionary destiny.


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