Digging through the layers

Blog entry September 21, 2013
En route to Konya, Turkey

It is said by the Greeks that if you dig down only a meter or so anywhere in the country you will find something from the past. The country has been continuously inhabited for longer than anywhere else on Gaia, at least according to them.

My overwhelming impression in the country is of this layering of ideas for so many centuries, continuously covering over or dominating the past. Still, the power of the land underneath it all has her strong pulse. Greece is a land of marble and stone. The ground practically rings when you walk upon it.

Historians have written over and over of the conquering civilizations in that country. It seems the first may have been the imposition of the hierarchical pantheon on the primal forces that are apparent there. Probably these gods in their original expression gave comprehensible character to forces that were unfathomable. But my impression is that this anthropomorphizing began an unconscious concretization of the undefinable that has developed into our present day severe disconnection from the majestic mysterious. The fact that these forces were given human characterization allowed us to project our own limited concepts onto them. And then the slope slides into the mess we have today.

The Greek culture of today feels weary to me. Especially in Athens, but really in all the places we visited. Obviously the economic struggle has much to do with this, but I propose that the layer upon layer of distortion and imposition on the umbilicus of the world, as Delphi is called, pollutes the reception of cosmic juice into Gaia. This may be easily remedied as we awaken through all these millennia of veils, and our consciousness reconnects with the primary sourcing that is surging through all creation.



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