Dimensional shift through 90º

I remember hearing years ago that the way to shift to another dimension is merely by shifting 90°. At the time I remember being quite confused about what this meant. How could shifting your direction 90° shift you into a new dimension? Am I supposed to turn right or turn left? It didn’t make much sense to me.

In studying the geometry as an embodied practice though, I came to realize that the 90° shift is one from horizontal to vertical. Suddenly it made perfect sense. If I can shift my focus of attention from any point in the horizontal plane to inclusion of all points in the horizontal plane then this is a true shift of dimension. Being able to see the whole of a dimension requires perspective from a further, higher vantage point.

The way to include all points in the horizontal plane is to come back to center and realize one’s vertical. The vertical line can reach all the way in, all the way down, all the way up, and all the way out. It is the vertical line that connects all the dimensions into the center point that is you. It is along the vertical line that more layers or dimensions of torus field are aligned through your center.

You can get here from there. You can get there from here.


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