Apocalypse: Catastrophe or Revelation?

The word Apocalypse comes from two Greek words, apo, which means “to take away” and kalypto, meaning “to cover or hide.” So “apocalypse” means literally to “take away the covering of something that has been hidden.” Apocalypse means to unveil, to uncover, to reveal.

revelation_st_john_patmosThe Greek title of the last book of the new testament is Ἀποκάλυψις Ἰωάννου, (transliterated Apokalypsis Ioannou) – literally, John’s Revelation, commonly just called Revelation or the Book of Revelation.

So what is being revealed? Let us consider carefully the disaster story within the container of alchemical transmutation. From the Latin, “disaster” means against the stars, while “consider” means with the stars. Alignment with the stars is not just an astrological meme anymore, especially with the current stories emerging from cosmic disclosure.

I do not subscribe to the mindset of literal, set in stone prophecy. This reality, our current 3D world, is a projected manifestation of our collective consciousness and thus is a reflection of the collective psyche. It is much more appropriate to read the Book of Revelation as a vision of the zeitgeist of the End Time. It is also prudent for us to consider what might be (in fact what I believe actually IS) available as the evolutionary next step alternative, if we understand how to alchemize our fear.

The Book of Revelation is a masterful relaying of how the fear-based mindset plays out. In the story, John of Patmos begins by sending letters of admonishment to the seven churches scattered around the Aegean Sea. These letters, in my opinion, “show the hand” of the carrier of the lens through which this following vision comes. They are full of judgment and a lack of mercy, written from a mouth of insistence on severe righteousness. I find it telling that this disastrous vision follows from this mindset.

Though the catastrophic vision is derived from that template, the imagery shows us much of how we unwittingly help create this disaster through our own disjointed fears. The scenario can be read easily as pertaining to the present day potential of global collapse, and even of the fear we may project onto the stories now being revealed by ET/UFO Disclosure.

There is, however, counsel that can be derived by understanding how the negative storyline unfolds as told in the Book of Revelation. From an exploration of the imagery as dream and metaphor we can use certain aspects to understand how we become imbalanced. Through an understanding of personal alchemy we can reclaim the intensity of energetic feelings that arise in response to the theater of fear and use them for growing our capacity for deep presence in a completely different story: one of a universe filled with integrated Love, Compassion, and Grand Creative Possibility.

In the Alchemy of the Apocalypse Seminar and Workshop, we will not cover the entirety of the imagery employed in the Book of Revelation, although rich implication is possible by doing so. In particular I will be using the archetypes of the Four Horsemen, and some of the initial stages of setup of the bestowal of the vision. After all, we only need to understand what initiates the disastrous unfolding, so that we can circumvent the old paradigm and realign ourselves for a different, considered timeline.


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