Crop Circle Counsel – Part 2

Marien Grace, Director of the Bay Area Crop Circle Study Group, spoke at the BACCSG on February 3, 2013 on the topic “Crop Circle Counsel: Awakening through the Sacred Lessons of Crop Circles, Consciousness and Personal Alchemy”.  Part Two

Marien Grace, Director of the Bay Area Crop Circle Study Group, waxed forth on 3 February 2013 on her vision of the counsel being provided by the crop circle story. This talk has been uploaded in three parts.

Part 1 topics include:
– It’s All part of the Dream
– The reality of Hoaxing and what that also implies
– Crop Circles are an Alchemical Language
– 2012 Alignment and aftermath
– Notice your projections
– Getting perspective
– Points of view on Point of View
– Triptych geometry
– Arecibo message and communication

Part 2 topics include:
– Fractal Communication
– Holographic consciousness
– Dimensional Shift to 5D
– Awakening the Pineal
– Shifting duality
– Vesica Piscis
– The awakened galactic family in the 2012 crop circles
– Diamond geometry
– Awakening through the alignment
– The power of the galactic alignment on old paradigm power structures
– Swallows: Freedom & Safety

Part 3 topics include:
– The technology of consciousness
– The Bee, the Horse and the Crab
– The transformation of Fear
– Diamond/Octahedron
– Transformation of the cube into multidimensionality


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