It’s a personal practice

I want to express how practical and personal Alchemy of the Apocalypse is.

Alchemy is a natural process. It involves holding something dense within a crucible under which fire is applied and transformation is tended over time. We could easily say that living a lifetime has that same definition. Our souls densified into matter, into bodies and complex configurations of character, that through the fire of experience we are transforming over the course of our lives.

We may think that we are not influenced by the end time memes because we do not watch fear-based movies, or don’t listen to the evening news, or haven’t read the Book of Revelation, and so forth. Aside from the input of media (within which we do find apocalyptic end time memes running rampant), we have cultural and social pressures that induce fears of loss of control. How many of us are not at least a little perturbed by prospects of climate change, or financial meltdown, or threat of political or social upheaval? These are large, global pressures that are in the collective zeitgeist. On a smaller scale, each of us probably has some convolutions of relationship in our families or communities that perplex and confound us. And even on the much grander scale, do we fear possible contact from unseen intelligences? These too feed into our projections of future instability.

However these pressures influence you, they create personal internalized fears that are reflected in the ultimate fear of the end time, that unless acknowledged and alchemized, seep into creations willy-nilly. Fear of the unknown, of power and powerlessness, of lack and suffering, or of ultimate annihilation can be subconsciously delegating your behaviors, especially under stress. Astonishingly, these archetypal fears are displayed by the Four Horsemen in the Apocalypse story. They are the harbingers of the catastrophic unfolding.

Practicing internal alchemy establishes a stability that metabolizes these fears, bringing these horsemen back into their stables. This allows for a different timeline to emerge.

Classical alchemy conveys a series of processes that are helpful and instructive in consciously understanding how to deal with the dense portions of our lives. The fears that we grapple with are potent material to bring into the alchemical process. At their elemental level they are intensities of life-force that are here for their transformational purpose. They can fan the flames of personal transfiguration toward Ultimate Truth and Beauty.

It is in this moment that we can practice true alchemy, where we bring all our perceptions into the crucible of the Self as Source. From here we align with the influence of higher, broader and deeper harmonic intelligence that can interact with the disharmonies and help them ring true. Deep transformation happens through the center of the universe, which is always YOU.


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