The Geometry of Language

body-scripture-ii-by-ronit-bigalAttention and light are the same. If we are able to see something then it has light. Light, i.e. attention, can be focused or diffused, wide or narrow.

Language is a system of bending light to create meanings. Meanings are formations, creations of angularities of attention. Letters, words, sentences, paragraphs, books, and lifetimes are constructions that attention/light focuses through in order to create a journey through meaning.

Returning to the essentials of language unveils this truth. Visually and aurally, letters are fundamentally geometric and create focus of attention into particular angles of meaning. When we hang these elements together and create words we engage in a more complex dance of attention. The essential elemental meanings in the individual letters of words can be elucidated to invite a deeper understanding of the meanings evoked.

The levels of truth that are layered into a single word, a single syllable, a single letter, are enormous, and only dependent on the vastness of one’s attention/light.

Words are crystals of communication, focusing the light of attention into the angles of meaning through the facets of their combinations of letters. Additional valences are hung into these crystals, such as the origins of their usage, the etymology, and the history of their use, both collectively and personally. Like crystals, memory can be programed into them. They are codes that can contain vast layers of intent, available for expanding our sense of the Now.

Letters are works of art, compounding layers of meaning in their elemental beauty.

Here are two examples: A and I.

The letter A is a triangle. The triangle is a geometric expression of a particular creation. A is the first letter of the alphabet, indicating a meaning of beginning creation. It has a fundamental simplicity, a triangle, enclosing a space in the simplest way using lines and angles. It is a kind of pointer, both visually and in intent. The sound of the letter is as simple as opening the mouth for sound to come through. It is an initial vibration. It precedes in our usage objects to focus upon. And, And, And…

The letter I is a vertical line. The meaning is the Self, myself, yourself. This vertical line is the center of the universe, the axis mundi. It is the vertical axis upon which all volumetric geometries align. It is the center of the torus field, along which multidimensional alignment takes place. This alignment is I, my Self, your Self. The sound of the word “I” takes the simple opening of the mouth and bends the note upward at the end, “ah-ee”, creating a sensed vertical aligning of the sound.

It is poignant to use these two letters in this article to return to them their divine intent. Currently in the collective psyche the letters AI mean Artificial Intelligence, and have a potential nefarious intent. We can return these letters to the alphabet soup in the holy grail by reclaiming them. Let’s redeem them with different meanings: Artful Intelligence, or Absolute Infinite.

Letters are sacred sigils, codes for activating harmonic truth. Let them ring with their divine intent by engaging them in the light.


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